Pink and Purple Tomatoes





1884 ($6.25)  (B)    ((HG) (E) 78 days. 1884 is a superbly flavored old-time tomato which grows on a strong vigorous plant and produces big luscious 2 lb. deep dark pink fruit with luxurious flavor and sets fruit readily in hot weather. It is said that the original seeds were discovered in 1884 by a Mr. Williamson in the debris after the big flood in Friendly, West Virginia. This grand fruit has taken top mention year after year in tomato tastings all over the country. Easy to grow and very productive. Marvelous for fresh eating and makes a luscious sauce.



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Anna Russian ($6.25)    (VE) (HG) 65 days. This was the very first heirloom tomato I ever tasted and one of the finest of the oxheart tomatoes. The plant has very delicate, wistful foliage as do many of the Russian varieties. Don't let that fool you! Anna is easy to grow and bears heavily during hot and cool weather.


Years ago my mom brought me some perfect heart-shaped Anna Russians from her garden. She had gotten the seeds from a friend. I tasted; I swooned. From 8 to 12 ounces, the fruits she brought had grown in beautiful clusters of 2 or 3--I wouldn't be without it.


Still in my top 5 favorites after all these years, Anna Russian is always among the first few plants I set out in my home garden every spring in a little Tomato Love ceremony. Its perfect heart shape in colors ranging from pink to red make it very special indeed.

Anna Russian seeds came to Craig Lehoullier from Brenda Hillenius of Oregon, who got the seeds from her grandfather, Kenneth Wilcox. Years earlier he had been given the original seeds from a Russian immigrant friend--a genuine example of the intriguing history these grand old tomatoes carry with them.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ANNA RUSSIAN:  Be sure to note that Anna Russian has droopy, wispy, delicate foliage as do so many of the heart-shaped tomatoes-- it is caused by the 'wilt' gene. There is nothing wrong with your plant; it's supposed to look that way. One of my customers was convinced by a well-meaning neighbor to rip out her Anna Russian plants.  "There's something wrong with them plants, Hildy, rip 'em out..." And she did, then called me to ask for a refund.  I gave her the news; her heart broke. It was too late for her to replant that season but she ordered Anna Russian the following year and had a beautiful crop!




Bear Claw ($6.25) 75 days  

I've been hearing about this extremely rare fruit in heirloom tomato circles--everyone wants it! We've got it! Incredibly high production. From Lisa VonSaunder, "A fabulous tomato in every way you can measure. A huge tomato with some of the most outstanding flavors I've ever known. I never saw tomato plants grow so large so fast. Huge plant with stems like tree trunks. The first tomatoes of the season were one pound, then the fruit started coming in larger and larger and larger until they were the largest of all my tomatoes this season. Fabulous deep, rich, pink fruit that beat all the others in taste.

They grew so large the branches were drooping even with one fruit on them. So, if you want to win first place for size but you treasure flavor above all else, this is the tomato to grow! Do you want to have the most tomatoes ever grown on a vine? Then this is the plant for you!"

Photographs by: Lisa VonSaunder of Amishland Seeds, Mike Alterowitz of Montana, and third photo, Dianna Theysse of Ingalls, Indiana.  Uused here with their kind permission.


Brandywine, Pink, Sudduth Strain ($6.25) 82 days. (B)  (HG)  Around 1980 a Mrs. Sudduth of Tennessee gave some seeds of this variety, which had been grown by her family for more than 100 years, to tomato seedsman Ben Quisenberry of Ohio.


This is thought to be the old-time original Brandywine tomato. Many gardeners consider this strain the best Brandywine with fruit that is superior in taste and smoothness. Its tomatoes are indeed special, 1 to 2 pound pink beefsteaks with the delectably complex, rich, sweet flavor that has made Brandywine justifiably famous.  Big, beautiful, pink and luscious with classic heirloom flavor, it is the tomato to which other heirlooms are compared. "Is it as good as Brandywine?" Each fruit is a treasure.

Fabulous photograph of Pink Brandywine, courtesy of Dianna Theyssen, copyright 2014




    New for 2019!

Butterfly Grape ($6.50)        75 days. This plump multi-color bullet-shaped cherry is pink with pretty green shoulders and a rich full bodied flavor. Smooth flesh and high production. Sweet, but not sugary, with just enough background tang to give it old fashioned tomato goodness.


High production, really easy to grow and beautifully yummy! A real treat for your tomato loving family and friends.


This gorgeous photograph is the property of Heritage Seed Market  Go see their seed varieties!








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 Cherokee Purple ($6.25) (HG) (E) 70 days.

A legendary and beautiful tomato, at least 100 years old and said to have been grown by the Cherokee People. 12 oz. deep dark dusky rose-purple, deep red inside, with sweet, rich and smoky, luscious flavor. Cherokee Purple is a garden staple, in everyone's favorite list for a good reason, disease resistant, reliable and easy to grow, and great one for your heirloom or heritage garden. 





Foxy Lady  ($6.25) (E)    (70 to 75 days). This rapturous little cousin of Purple Haze is the newest addition to our heirloom tomato selection.

My seeds for this exquisite 1” deep purple cherry tomato come from Dana Ferrin of Seattle, who grew out the Original Purple Haze for four generations to see if it would grow true-to-variety. He sent me some seeds to grow out and to our delight, the resulting fruit is a half-sized, full flavored, sweet and sassy little 1 oz. cousin to Purple Haze which I’ve named Foxy Lady. The flavor, very much like Purple Haze, is energizing, elaborate and dazzling with a sweet, seductive background of earthy nuance and lingering flavors. I was mesmerized by the flavors of these cute little heartbreakers.

Early ripening and growing in mass abundance on big plants in clusters of 5 to 7 fruits, Foxy Lady ripens in only 70-72 days from plant out. Unlike the regular-leafed Purple Haze, Foxy Lady has some of the biggest potato type leaves I’ve ever seen. They'll make you wanna get up and scream... and just like the Original Purple Haze, which is also available for 2012, (see below), Foxy Lady has a muted, subtle saltiness along with a tiny touch of tang to balance its big full-bodied sugar. Got to be all mine, all mine….

Dana has donated seeds so we can grow and offer this very rare plant to our customers and donate part of the proceeds to TACA, Talk About Curing Autism. Thank you, Dana!

Supply is rather limited, please order early. A Laurel's exclusive.

Photograph By Dana Ferrin, used here with his gracious permission.  




Lavender Lake ($6.50) 82 days. 


These big gorgeous 10 to 12 oz, deep purple-black beefsteak-size tomatoes are sweet and luscious with tangy gel and sweet meat making it the perfect tomato for sandwiches and fresh eating. Lavender Lake does beautifully in large containers as well as in the ground.


One of the most beautiful tomatoes in the world, it backs that up with its astounding flavors and fragrance. This beauty belongs in your garden.




Marianna's Peace ($6.25) 80 days. (B) (HG)      


One of our top 3 sellers. The sugary nectar of this huge 5" tomato's creamy, dense, deep pink-red flesh is intensely rich, with perfect sweet-acid balance and sublime, complex flavors reminiscent of the finest of the "old-fashioned" tomato flavors.  This big, beautiful irresistible up to 3 lb. deep pink-red fruit is the talk of the tomato world and has found its way into Top 10 favorite tomato lists of gourmands worldwide. It is perfection. Supply is limited, please order early. It is said that Marianna's Peace is among the 3 finest tasting tomatoes in existence.

Marianna was from a family of farmers in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia. During World War II, in May of 1945 when she was 17, Russian soldiers came to her school and forced Marianna and all her schoolmates into a truck to be taken to Siberia. During the journey, she and a few others escaped by jumping from the moving truck, but Marianna was shot in the leg just as she crossed the Czech border. With the help of her friends, she was able to continue on to the town of Weiden, Bavaria. She lost all contact with her parents and brothers for the next ten years, but after a long and diligent search with the aid of The Red Cross, she finally found them in 1955. 

Before he died, her father gave her a little bundle of the seeds. 

Marianna married, and in 1957 moved to Washington State with her husband where they raised four children.

The legacy of these seeds reaches back to the early 1900's and year after year the tomatoes borne from this marvelous heirloom continue to be treasured for their outstanding taste and beauty. Incredibly sweet, creamy, with dense flesh, rich and luscious, reminiscent of the finest of those "old-fashioned" tomato flavors, the memories of which are the stuff of dreams for all tomato lovers. 

For those who want the best; these plants are precious and worth the cost. A Marianna's Peace plant makes a delightful and treasured gift for any tomato lover.


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Momotaro  ($9.95) (H) (VE)   62 days. (HG)


This very popular early-ripening hybrid variety, (and Dolly Parton's favorite tomato), is being offered due to hundreds of requests from my customers who have found Momotaro fruits at Farmer's Markets. It is exceptionally sweet, low-acid, juicy and just beautiful with a very long shelf life. The 6 ounce fruits are a stunning shade of pink, full flavored, luscious and bountiful on the vine, with superb disease resistance.

I smuggled one into an heirloom tasting party, and the folks loved it. The revelation that it was a hybrid was a splendid surprise to the gathered heirloom aficionados and motley crew of tomato gourmets and gourmands. 

Named for an ancient legend of Momotaro, or Peach Boy, Momotaro was a baby boy found inside a giant peach by childless peasant farmers who had longed for a child of their own. He grew to be a famous warrior for peace. Among his many achievements: conquering, and then encouraging the ogres of Ogre Island to stop pillaging and be nice ogres. Each year the Momotaro festival in Japan celebrates the legend of this brave and wondrous child.





Image result for omar's lebanese tomato  OMAR'S LEBANESE  HUGE and Delicious!!!

© Photograph courtesy of

Omar's Lebanese ($6.25)  (BBB)     80 days.


The big one! Omar's Lebanese has a passionately sweet and complex flavor. These immense fruits--deep dark pink and juicy--grow to 3-4 lbs, with excellent disease resistance. A spectacular tomato. Really easy to grow, out of this world. Takes 2 hands to pick it. In my top 5.





Pink Bumble Bee ($6.50) 68 days.  F/C (VSM)    


These gorgeous 1½" perfectly round cherry tomatoes are deep pink and with sunshine yellow streaking -- perfect for fresh tomato salads!

Sweet flavor and distinctive looks make them a great choice for home gardeners and for market growers to use in colorful pints of mixed cherry tomatoes. Crack-resistant fruit develops on strong plants.  Add this to your Bumble Bee collection along with Purple Bumble Bee and Sunrise Bumble Bee! The Triad of Bumble Bee-ness!





  New for 2019! 

Pink Opal (Dwarf)


One of the first of the dwarf varieties to produce cherry tomatoes. Sweet and perfect, Pink Opal is going to give you scads of sweet, juicy delicious cherry tomatoes on a little 3 ft. dwarf plant. Delicious and very productive, a fine looking plant that saves space in small (or large) gardens. This little guy deserves a place in your tomato garden.





Purple Bumble Bee Tomato

Purple Bumblebee ($6.50) 65 days.


Look at these dark, dusky beauties! Purple Bumble Bee is a new delightful 1" cherry tomato with all the deeply complex smoky flavors of the black tomatoes. With dramatic grey-green stripes and stunning purple flesh inside, this little treasure will be a favorite treat in your garden. Crack resistant, disease resistant and a high producer all season long! You will have basketsful to share.  Bred by Fred Hempel of Baia Nicchia Farm in Sunol, CA. Way to go, Fred!






       Sweet Leilani (Lay-LAH-nee) ($6.50) 65 days.

This little sweetie is a fabulous cousin of Purple Haze, yet this one grows tomatoes that are twice the size. A large cherry, 1½" - 2".


Sweet Leilani is a very heavy producer with clusters of 6 to 10 incredible delicious purple tomatoes.


It surprised me in my garden as a cross of Foxy Lady and I'm not sure what! Maybe Amy's Sugar Gem? Showing up in shades of deep mahogany, purple and brick red, Sweet Leilani lives up to its name. Sweet!  Growing to 2" on a hearty plant, it produces loads of yummy tomatoes with that tropical, smoky sweet flavor we love in the purple and black varieties.

      I am happy to name it for my granddaughter Leilani who is beautiful, dusky, sweet (usually) and a sassy little thing.    





    12.5 oz Todd County Amish © Photograph courtesy of Damon Webber.

Todd County Amish  ($6.25)  82 days.   (One of Laurel's new Favorites!) A genuine Amish family heirloom tomato.


Last season I had a chat with my sweet friend Lisa Von Saunder of Amishland Seeds. I asked, "So, Lisa, what's the very best big Amish tomato? The most awesome flavored one -- I mean the one that makes your eyes roll into the back of your head?"   She said, "Laurel, you have got to try Todd County Amish, it is incredible!" So I did.  Lisa's right. We went crazy for them!  Huge, beautiful, luscious, deep pink, 1 to 2 pound slightly fluted beefsteaks on potato leafed plants. Delicious, elaborate, sweet, rich, old time tomatoey flavors. Todd County Amish produces scads of fruit all season right up to frost. Unforgettable.  When you bite into one of these you won't want to share it--but go ahead, it produces huge harvests. Lisa knows what she's talkin' about when it comes to things Amish.


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