Here's What's New for 2017!




Amishgold     New for 2017!


Amish Gold ($6.50) 70 days.

This magnificent cross of Sun Gold and Amish Paste produces loads of full-flavored, stunning golden tomatoes, about 2” long and 1” wide with the spectacular sweetness and huge production of Sun Gold along and the meatiness of Amish Paste.

Fabulous for fresh eating and makes a lovely sauce!  It has become a favorite in our garden and I know it will in yours.         


   Here's how it happened: Cross Sun Gold with Amish Paste and you get Amish Gold! Yay!


 +  JungSeed.jpg (425×425)  =  Amishgold






JungSeed.jpg (425×425) NeNew for 2017!

Amish Paste ($6.50) 80 days.

This classic variety has big, bright red heart-shaped fruits -- meaty and juicy with rich complex flavors.  With very few seeds, Amish Paste is the perfect sauce tomato yet ideal for fresh eating, too.


One of the largest and sweetest of the paste tomatoes it produces a heavy crop of luscious 10 to 12 ounce delicious tomatoes all season. long.

Introduced by Tom Hauch who got his seeds from the Amish in Lancaster, PA.


IMPORTANT NOTE!: Remember to water sparingly or moderately when your tomatoes start to ripen. Otherwise you'll have a waterlogged, mushy, cracking tomato! This goes for ALL of your heirlooms!






BIG RAINBOW New for 2017!


Big Rainbow ($6.25) 75 days.

Big it is....2 pounds or more, a sweet and voluptuous, fruity, juicy, tri-colored tomato dapple red, orange and yellow inside and out.  Just enchanting.  Heavy in the hand, full of tropical rich flavors. A prize worth every luscious bite.

My customers keep asking when I will have Big Rainbow on the list. Here it is!


IMPORTANT NOTE!: Remember to water sparingly or moderately when your tomatoes start to ripen. Otherwise you'll have a waterlogged mushy tomato! This goes for ALL of your heirlooms!





    New for 2017!


Dirty Girl  ($6.95)      (E) 65 days.


This open pollinated version of the excellent and high-producing hybrid, Early Girl, was de-hybridized by organic grower, Joe Schirmer, of Dirty Girl Produce in Santa Cruz California. Joe spent the last 7 years growing out Early Girl plants until it became stable -- no longer a hybrid! It is now open-pollinated and what we call a 'new' heirloom which Joe named Dirty Girl. Yay Joe!


Dirty Girl produces huge harvests of perfect, yummy, 3 to 4 ounce salad size, red tomatoes with all the great qualities of Early Girl -- high production, early ripening and strong plants, with some added attraction for gardeners-- an even richer flavor and the bonus of being able to save seeds, grow out your own Dirty Girl plants and share them with the world.


  IMPORTANT NOTE!: Remember to water sparingly or moderately when the fruits start to ripen. Otherwise you'll have waterlogged, mushy, cracked tomatoes! This goes for ALL of your heirlooms.






 New for 2017!

Dwarf Blazing Beauty  ($6.95)  75 days.


This is the first orange tomato offered by Dwarf Tomato Project. These gorgeous fruits reach the 6 to 12 ounce range, beautiful and luscious with a bright sparkling flavor. The sweetness is perfectly balanced by a fine tartness which creates intense flavor. I do LOVE the orange tomatoes. Blazing beauty reminds me of Kellogg's Breakfast and Summer Cider flavor-wise and grows on a smaller hearty potato-leafed shrub-like plant. Perfect for smaller spaces or for growing more tomatoes in your big space!





New for 2017!

Pineapple Pig ($6.50)  85 days.

This big bodacious beauty regularly weighs in at 1 lb. or more. With and a sweet rich and complex flavor, Pineapple Pig is incredibly sweet yet never mild or bland. The creamy ivory fruit features some beautiful green streaking and mottling along with a rosy blush, making it one of the most beautiful tomatoes in your garden.


Another awesome variety from Brad Gates at Wild Boar Farms.


IMPORTANT NOTE!: Remember to water sparingly or moderately when the fruits start to ripen. Otherwise you'll have a waterlogged, mushy, cracked tomato! This goes for ALL of your heirlooms!





Purple Bumble Bee Tomato New for 2017!

Purple Bumblebee ($6.50) 65 days.

Look at these dark, dusky beauties! Purple Bumble Bee is a new delightful 1" cherry tomato with all the deeply complex smoky flavors of the black tomatoes. With dramatic grey-green stripes and stunning purple flesh inside, this little treasure will be a favorite treat in your garden. Crack resistant, disease resistant and a high producer all season long! You will have basketsful to share.  Bred by Fred Hempel of Baia Nicchia Farm in Sunol, CA. Way to go, Fred!





!    New for 2017!

Sugar Plum Fairy ($6.95) 78 days.


Here is one of my new favorites. An exquisite, 5 ounce salad size, deep purple tomato with luxurious, rich sweet flavors, Sugar Plum Fairy is perfection.


To quote my amazing friend Ellie of Bunny Hop Seeds: "Sugar Plum Fairy is a beautiful plum colored, small to medium sized salad tomato with a “mysterious past.” I received a packet of mixed seeds from Tom Wagner’s seed business, to use in a children’s project. One of the plants that grew from these seeds was this plum colored beauty, and it had a deliciously sweet and smooth rich flavor.


It is a purple tomato, it made me think of  sugar plums, I've named it “Sugar Plum Fairy.” I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. As with any other tomato, the flavors will dilute if overwatered during ripening." 


Now go check out Bunny Hop Seeds! ~ Laurel.



New for 2017!

Sweet Scarlet Dwarf ($6.50) 78 days.

This vigorous dwarf plant produces a heavy yield of 10 to 16 ounce smooth, sweet and tangy, red tomatoes with a superb, intense concentrated tomato flavor.

One of the best of the Dwarf Tomato Project varieties, it may surprise you by producing and occasional yellow or orange tomato on the same plant. Be sure to try them, they taste fantastic, one of the thrills of growing in the heirloom world!


IMPORTANT NOTE!: Remember to water sparingly or moderately when your tomatoes start to ripen. Otherwise you'll have a waterlogged mushy tomato! This goes for ALL of your heirlooms!





New for 2017!

Dwarf Sweet Sue ($6.95)  75 days.

Another delightful creation from the Dwarf Tomato Project. Big tomatoes on a small plant. The flavors are deliciously sweet and well-balanced with rich, tropical overtones.

This lovely tomato was named by my friend Craig Lehoullier in 2007 for his wife Susan who "loved the tomato and is very sweet". The plant reaches only about 4 feet and produces lots of round, smooth, sunny yellow tomatoes, averaging a half pound. Very prolific, Sweet Sue shows a beautiful rosy blush on the blossom end when ripe. Disease resistant, too!





   New for 2017! Laurel's Top Pick

My absolute favorite discovery this season!

Tati's Wedding ($6.95) 80 days.      


This big luscious beauty -- the most flavorful variety I've come across this season and my top pick for 2017, was discovered by my customer Dan Stein of New York as he drove through the Kazbek mountains in the Caucasus of Georgia, south of Russia. He was there on a special day, his friend Tatiana's wedding, when he stopped at a roadside produce stand and discovered this fabulous tomato.


The farmer had not name it, so Dan called it Kazbegi Red. After hearing this beautiful story, I couldn't resist naming it for Tatiana, whose nickname is Tati. 


These tomatoes are luscious, meaty and silky with big sweetness and just enough tang to make it the perfect all purpose tomato and one of the juiciest I've ever eaten.


So productive, you'll get dozens of delicious tomatoes in varying sizes and shapes on the same plant, from 5 oz. up to16 oz. or more.  This is one of the most delightful traits of the heirloom tomatoes.


The tomato in the photograph weighed 16 ounces and was grown this season by my customer and friend Barbara Kraus of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. After our Tati's Wedding plants were demolished by rampaging raccoons, Barb came to my rescue and grew out some plants in her garden.

Without Barb we would not have any photographs or seeds or plants of this incredible for you!  Yay, Barb!






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