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Dear Laurel,

Latest harvest from Cape Cod, MA.  September, 2016






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Great fall harvest: Purple Haze, Hawaiian Pineapple, Paul Robeson, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Brown Derby, Sunset's Red Horizon.

                                 Part of Randy Robinson's 2016 harvest in Pinkney, Minnesota. Yay Randy!





Hi Laurel -

Sunny and 55 degrees in Minnesota today!  Perfect day to provide you with an update from my 2015 heirloom tomato gardening adventure and start picking my 2016 varieties from Laurel’s Heirloom Tomato Plants.

This past year, my husband surprised and built me an AWESOME raised planted bed and prepped the soil for weeks in anticipation of the varieties I had ordered.  Somehow I narrowed my selection to ten plants which is hard to do when they all look so good on your website.  Laurel, your tomatoes are always carefully packaged with love and I think they smile as much as I do when I lift them out of the box, not even a damaged leaf. Not only was each plant super healthy, but I could smell the tomato goodness!  Every tomato took off (and took over) the new garden and I had an abundant tomato harvest that my neighbors and friends shared in as well.

Favorites were Paul Robeson, Oaxacan Jewel, Foxy Lady, Black Prince, Yellow Submarine and Green Giant (a.k.a “The Hulk” by my family).  So many great BLT sandwiches, fresh salsa, tomato bruschetta, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, and just plain “eatin maters” this past Summer.

Thanks, Laurel, I am forever a fan and looking forward to another great Summer of gardening, cooking, eating and sharing.

Marvelous in Minnesota -
Marvel Jasnoch, Northfield, MN


Wow, Marvel!  Whatta project.  I'm so impressed. And you've got that handsome man to do the work.  Yay! ~ Laurel







Laurel ~

Minnesota Marvel and all my family members enjoyed the most tasty tomatoes EVER from Laurel's Heirloom Tomato Plants the Summer of 2014!

Laurel, you were the best!  Thanks for spending time with me on the phone, helping me choose just the right combination of color and taste for all the cooking I love to do.  Each plant arrived individually wrapped with such care and love and were so healthy and lush. Knowing these heirloom tomato beauties were so important to me, my husband helped by prepping the soil, dealing with unexpected voles, and creating a clever gate system for the bunnies who were also drawn to this wonderful tomato feast.  My family looked forward to each new ripe tomato from our backyard garden each day.

I even ordered my mom a gift certificate for 2015 so she can enjoy such beautiful and great tasting tomatoes too this next year.  Your certificate arrived complete with colored photos of many of your favorites.  I can't wait until she opens this at Christmas.

Blessings to you from Minnesota to California for a Happy New Year.  You have the best tomatoes, Laurel...if only you could wave a magic wand and extend my growing season...

Marvel Jasnoch, December 2014
Northfield, MN

Thank you Marvel!  I'm tripping on the Rabbit Gate mind is trying to wrap around various mental pictures. And I'll be working on that Magic Wand. There just might be a market for a good one.  :)   ~ Laurel



Kevin Schafer and friends at their 2016 Seattle Community Garden Tomato tasting: 

Top 3 out of 25:  Green Giant, Berkeley Tie Dye & Purple Bumble Bee!















Looks like I'm going to need another beer."  John Sauln, 2014

Party at John's!!
















Hi Laurel,

The tomatoes (clockwise from bottom left) are Blondkopfchen, mystery tomato, Lime Green Salad, Amy's Sugar Gem, another mystery tomato, and in the middle are Hawaiian Currants.  

The pinkish mystery tomato at the top left is something that came up in my compost pile - it's a very large beefsteak with potato leaves and a straggling growth habit (it's about 7 feet tall).  The brownish mystery tomatoes at the bottom right are from a plant that was given to me as a "Black Cherry" but it is clearly not that.

Jane Rieder, 2014


This is Sammy. He's 4. Sammy knows the names of every heirloom tomato his family grows. They love our plants and give them loving care.

Sammy is one of the the cutest people I've ever my life.

His mom is our customer, Jennifer Hansen. Their garden is in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Photo from August, 2014.  

~ Laurel


Jon Bucci's tomatoes, Redondo Beach California. 2013


Copyright Fred Cook 2012

Fred Cook's bounty from 2012!



Just wanted to say 'thank you' for your beautiful tomato plants. My plants arrived last week in tip-top shape and are happily planted in Iowa soil. We're looking forward to a spectacular harvest like we had last year! Attached are some photos that I've been meaning to share with you.

Thanks again! Erin
 Des Moines IA
Photographs above, Courtesy Erin Clanton, Des Moines IA copyright



Here is our little garden in Costa Mesa!

BJ Miles



Hey Laurel,
Thanks for the plants… great year… big harvest today! We will see you next year! Maybe you will have ananas noir???? We hope so!

Thanks again. Trajan & Charlotte

above: courtesy of Trajan Perez  - copyright 2012



We've had a pretty good harvest. The best ones were the Black Prince, the Black Cherry and I think they are the Paul Robeson (are they the knarly heirlooms?)..
The experience has been fun... and you're right they ARE vines, not bushes... I've rigged up everything I can to keep the vines properly positioned (even used my wife's real estate flag poles!).
Anyway, they are still producing even though they looking a little ratty....
Guess we have to wait until next year (or is there a winter version we should be thinking about?)...

John Bucci, Redondo Beach CA




Hi Laurel,
I think I mentioned some time back that I had some fun tomato pix from last year's crop. Then I got distracted and I forgot to send them. Anyway, I just came across them and thought I'd send them before I forget again....LOL. Looking forward to picking up my plants in a few weeks and seeing you then.
All the best,




                                                                                                                                 Hi Laurel, still getting tomatoes and looking forward to next year! ~ Kemp Hickey

Purple Dog Creek! These is the largest ever for me and there have been many. Plants are really doing great. They will certainly be on my list next year.

Thanks, Rebecca McMichael, Eatonton, GA


Hi Laurel,

That's me with some tomato plants grown in pots on my deck. The really tall one on the right is the Goldman's Italian-American.

Regards , Lois Hofshi


Hi Laurel,

These are your tomatoes and our herbs installed on a commercial kitchen wall...


Green Living Technologies International

Stainless panels

Jim Wernett, New York


Hi Laurel,

It's that time again!!

Your lists are wonderful as always and thank you for all the hard work you put
into this... you bring so much joy to our little family... we LOVE our tomatoes
and look forward to the gorgeous plants coming every spring. I don't know what
your magic is Laurel... but your tomatoes are absolutely the best!! And your
packaging is great.... really works well - the plants always arrive in perfect

Thanks again... and here is our list.

Nancy Fuller, Winnetka CA.


Dear Laurel,

I just got back from my garden and just wanted to let you know how
wildly successful the Northern Lights tomato plant I got from you has
been. I also have a Black Krim, a Brandywine, a Hillbilly, and a
Carmello. They are all wonderful, but I thought you might like to know
how productive the Northern Lights variety has been in my garden. I
probably don't need to tell you that they are both beautiful and
delicious as well! I'm in Happy Camp, California along the Klamath
River. The zones on the zone map get pretty scrunched up here, but I
believe I'm in 8a or 8b. Incidentally, I had very good luck with this
variety when I lived up in Portland, too.

Thanks for the tomato plants - I'll be ordering again next year! And
thanks again for accommodating my shipping needs. You may not recall
but I had to go away to a funeral right when my plants were supposed
to arrive and you were kind enough to postpone their shipment. Thank

-Laura Shaffer, Happy Camp, CA

Gold Medal Yellow in the front, Big White Pink Stripe (is it white enough? It was on the vine forever... ) and Yellow Brandywine in the back. We love it! Happy 4th!

Gian Schwehr, Los Angeles CA 2012


Hi Laurel,

Thank you so much for the beautiful tomato plants. They arrived a few weeks ago (on time!!) and you did a terrific job on the packaging. A few of my plants even have tiny tomatoes on them alreadyJ You will have us back as a customer next year.

Have a great summer.

Kari Kendall, Bloomington MN


Dear Laurel, I enjoyed your tomatoes very much last year and would like to order more for this year. Can you pull up my last order, or perhaps pick out some fine choices for me for this year. The yellow tomato is still going and the cherry tomatoes were also a huge harvest!

Dianna P.   California ,  Jan 2012


Hi Laurel-

I'm sending you my tomato plant order for this year.  I have to say that I had so much fun with my tomatoes last year.  My crop was huge!  We had so many delicious tomatoes all summer and well into the fall.  I can't wait to get started again this spring!  Thank you.

Teddie M. Jan 2012


Hi Laurel -

I am back again this year and ready to order some plants.  Thank you for a wonderful garden experience last year - the best I've had in over 25 years of growing these lovely gems.  The magic combo for my yard and climate was the smart pots and your plants.  My yard runneth over while all about me others grew nothing!  So sad - but I did just love the feeling of sharing my bounty this time.

BARBARA O'MEARA  CA.  January, 2012


Dear Laurel,
I hope I am early enough to get at least one of the Purple Haze and Japanese Black Trifele, but here is my order.   Last summer was a hellish one for tomatoes in central Ohio....actually the same hellish would apply to livestock and humans!  On we trudge though.  Thank you for the past 4 years of wonderful tomato plants.  I am still amazed every time we open those boxes, to see those healthy, sturdy little plants. 
Sylvia Snabl,
Ohio  Jan 2012


Good Morning,

Love your tomato plants and have my order below, if I missed anything just let me know.

Lisa DiMauro   Jan 2012



Dear Laurel,
   It's about that time again! I have got to tell you...last year's tomatoes were so amazing and delicious!  For my winter plants, I'd like to order:
1 Black Cherry
1 Cherokee Purple
1 Clint Eastwood
1 Costoluto
2 Chocolate Stripes
1 Japanese Black
1 Mortgage Lifter
Please set these aside for me and let me know how much I owe you for this first batch of crazy fun!!!. I haven't figured out the Spring and Summer ones yet. Plus I'll be needing more of those amazing pots too. They made a huge difference for me last year.
And thanks for doing what you do. You bring so much pure joy to all of us!

Hello Laurel!
I just received my plants, I appreciate the rate at which they got here. They look great! Thank you very much for providing such an outstanding service! Thank you!!
Bianca,  December 2011


Hi Laurel,

 I ordered from you last year and had the most delicious tomatoes ever (so did many of my friends because my harvest was bountiful). I’m interested in your choices for my area and my preferences. I do like different colors and sizes and am really into flavor i.e- Kelloggs Breakfast was delicious. I’m not into cherry or grape tomatoes unless the flavor is stupendous. I have built up beds…soil is tilled first…hay bales line the beds…composted soil is added. I’d like to buy around 10 plants but that will depend on what your favorites are…could be more or less. They will be shipped to a different zip code than where they will be planted. I totally trust your selections and promise to be happy with them.

I forwarded your email to a colleague who expressed an interest after tasting mine. She saved many of the seeds. Hopefully, she’ll place an order. I can hardly wait

Susan Ashby. , Pensacola.  December 2011


Hi Laurel,

Owing to your beautiful tomato plants, we had a huge harvest this year as my husband suggested that I sell at a local farmer’s market because only two people + four cats cannot consume such amount of tomatoes although squirrels consumed average 5 tomatoes every day  (I had to clean up the mess often!)  throughout the season and my neighbors picked while I was away during summer – they said they picked at least 300. II had a Mini Charm this year too. Actually this is also your tomato which I received from you in 2008 spring. It spontaneously came out of one of our 12 x 6 planters where I planted Mini Charm last spring. It was so pretty and admirable, so I transplanted it along with other tomato plants. Mini Charm alone produced an enormous amount. I counted until 489 at the beginning of August.

I was so pleased that NO tomato plant had bug or fungus problem even I did not use any pesticide or fungicide. I combined your methods and “How to Grow World Record Tomatoes” by Mr. Wilber while considering my experience (especially bad ones) last year; all worked so beautifully!  One thing I regretted though, I mistakenly planted them only 36 inches apart in rows although I planned to plant them 42 inches apart so it would have been easier for them to breathe and for me to take care of them and pick their fruits.

Your plants grow so well and healthier, and bigger than I could imagine! Thank you, thank you so much for sharing your tomato plants every year. Although, 2009 season has just finished, I already cannot wait for receiving plants from you next spring!!

Kuniko Chijiwa  Richmond VA.  December 2009


Some beautiful photographs of Kuniko's Tomato Plants





It was a tremendous year for all the plants you sent me. I used them as an
educational experience for all that were interested. To my delight and I am
sure yours, the youngsters retained all the stories that I quoted from your
description of each plant. It was a great experience for all, not to mention
all the use I got out of the tomatoes.

Thank you so much. The plants made the summer special this year.

Jim Summers, Manager
Summers Little Sandy Creek Farm, LLC

Monroe, Michigan


Hi Laurel,
I just received my shipment and am very impressed at the condition in which the plants arrived. I've opened the box and am preparing to take them all out.
It's a rare rainy day here, so I'll be ready to plant in a few days.
Thank you for a wonderful buying experience and I hope to do business with you again.
Hugh in North Carolina  July 2009


Good morning Laurel,
I just harvested my first tomato of the season - Stupice - and I am blown away! I see now why it is one of your all-time favorites - the flavor is marvelous, robust and sweet. I wouldn't have discovered it were it not for your very thorough and informative site. Thanks so much. With the very high quality of the plants, extraordinary shipping and friendly service, I'll definitely be back for the next season!
Marc H
East Meadow, NY July 19th 2010


Hi Laurel:  Just wanted to thank you so much for the tomato plants.  They look fantastic.  Obviously you are doing something right, as the plants are huge and some already have blossoms even though they have only been planted for a few weeks.  I so enjoy talking to you on the phone and really look forward each year to your guidance and help.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks again Laurel (and crew).  Mary Norton, Carlsbad, California May 2009


Dear Laurel,
  Just wanted to let you know I received the 16 tomato plants on my original order, they arrived after their long dark three day journey , a little weary but after I freed them from their captivity ... and let them know none of them were going to die, they started to cheer up !  Of course I freshened them up a bit with a shower, and had them relax in the sun a little.  Then once they rested the night in the moonlight, they were all perked up reaching for the sun light in the morning!!!  They all look great !!!   They  look happy ! and me too!  Any way I'm pleased to have them and amazed at how well packaged they were and how they could perk up so nicely over night. All were so nicely grown (not leggy or weak) something tells me you've done this before...  Well  another happy customer!... bet you guys are really busy. .. just wanted to let you know and say thanks!!!  I think you  all did real good!!  
All the Best,

 Douglas D., Florida,  March 2009


My plants arrived and I want to let you know how great they were packed and in what good shape they were in.  A few years back I ordered some tomato plants from a nationally known company, I had to throw them out due to bad packing etc. and swore I’d never do it again.  These plants were so beautifully packed not a leaf was damaged.  They are now in my greenhouse as we have had a late spring and they are doing great !  Thanks again. 

Pamela Norberg, Tulsa OK, April 2009


I received the plants on Tuesday, and everything was in great shape. Your packaging was fantastic and I appreciate the tips.
Best regards,
Kevin Johnston, South Carolina April 2009


Hey Laurel!

I wanted to let you know I received the plants and pots today and am happy.
They look good and I have them out in the sun already. I am happy with your
time spent answering my questions and all the info available on your site
and enclosed with the plants. Your care and understanding of peoples needs
shows and I appreciate it very much.

Take care,

Rich Monyer, Georgia, May 2009


I wanted to let you know that the plants came today.  They were all in
excellent condition.  The packing method you use is great.

I'm looking forward to getting them in the garden. 


Mike Gansmann,  Illinois May 2009


Hello again,


Once again I was feeding the entire neighborhood tomatoes.  It is amazing that is possible as I have a rather compact raised bed garden. This year people came early to check on the garden progress.  It is such a blessing to be able to share these amazing tomatoes with my friends and neighbors.  The work you do in providing this opportunity to others is really wonderful.  Thank you for all of your hard work.  You are enriching the lives of many others.

I am attaching a picture of my tomatoes growing in cement raised beds.  I am also attaching a picture of one of my neighbors who came to check on the tomato growing process.  I am the one in the green shirt. 


I have just harvested the last of this year’s crop and am looking forward to next planting.  I sometimes wish I had more space and a longer growing season but then I would probably pitch a tent in my garden and never come inside.  Thank you for putting tomatoes in my family’s life.

Cheryl, Oregon, October 2008.




First - despite all the rain here in New England this summer, I'm bringing in the toms by the truckload - I can't keep up esp. with the cherry tomatoes.  I've attached a couple photos of the two bowls of tomatoes I picked yesterday alone - I think I'm finally getting a hang of the tomato thing...and I made tomato martinis from the leftover tomato juice I saved after making an insanely good tomato sauce - they were very impressive to people.

                              Nancy B.  Rhode Island. August 2008




Here is Maclaine, age 5, showing some love for her favorite tomato, Hawaiian Pineapple.  Her mom, Leanna, is one of our favorite California customers!

Thanks for helping create such wonderful memories--- the kids love to garden and love their amazing heirlooms!

Much love,

Leanna, Fall 2008


Hi Laurel and company,
2008 was a record year for my tomato crop, thanks in part to the great plants you sent last year.
I'm glad to see you're offering the water-filled teepee starters.  I think they made a big difference last year as we stay cool well into May.
Harvest started July 13 and ran through November 15, with triple the fruit of my best previous year.
This year I turned a friend on to your company.  Here is our combined order......

Andrew T, San Rafael CA


Hey there Laurel!  How are you and your family?  Well it's tomato time again. Did I tell you that my husband just about fell over when he saw your packaging. Remember how I was so nervous about how plants could be mailed and not die? He is an engineer, no, not the train kind  :)  and says folks could learn a lot about packaging from you. Our plants arrived in the most beautiful condition after 3 days traveling from Los Angeles to Idaho last season so now we want more!.

Kimiko Pearson, Twin Falls ID Feb 2009



Paul Robeson Ripens in Winter

Photo by Annapet

 January 1st 2009, from Annapet in California

Hi, Laurel.  Happy New Year!  I hope you had a great holiday season.
I bring you great news and a photo of Paul Robeson.  I have never seen tomatoes this gorgeous!  This is pure love. 

Thanks for making this possible for gardeners like me.

 Annapet S. Isidoro, Corte Madera, California, 2009



Christine's plants growing along her fence, some of her Goose Creek tomatoes, & visiting TomatoFest in September.


Dear Laurel,

I hope all is well with you and your Heirloom Tomato Plant business! 

I purchased the Carmello, Goose Creek, and Stupice tomato seedlings from you personally during your May 4, 2008 Heirloom tomato plant sale in Lomita... I used the tiny south facing side garden between our home and our neighbor's home to plant my heirloom tomatoes in a row using the basket weave method you recommended.

Between the three heirloom tomato plants that I purchased from you this year, Carmello was my #1 favorite! I just absolutely loved the taste of this heirloom tomato variety, which had the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity! Whenever I would eat them raw, I would eat them very slowly and savor the incredible flavors!

The photos feature my Goose Creek tomato plant and its prolific fruits. I kept a harvest journal and so far I have harvested 26 fruits to date from that plant! It has outlived the rest of my tomatoes and is still producing fruits at this time!

Christine Ho, Long Beach, California in 2008


Well, I hope you had a happy holiday.  Now that Christmas is over - the only thing I look forward to is being able to start growing tomatoes.  So I want to get my order in.  I am also going to send my Father another order for his Birthday -  He absolutely loved the plants you sent him last year.  Thank You - I can not wait!
Dawn S.  Mountain Green, Utah 2008


I could spend hours browsing your web site, but better get my order in and hope I am not too late for some varieties.  If you are out of stock on any of the below listed varieties, feel free to substitute.... You did a great job of substituting one of my picks last year and I am reordering the Momotaro you substituted this year as it was a great tomato.


Last year was the first I heard of your business and my first order.  I was extremely impressed with the packing and shipping.  All the plants arrived in great shape, no broken leaves or plants, no spilled dirt and no wilted leaves.  This is more than I can say for most other live plant orders I have received in the past.  The tomatoes were wonderful and we ate and canned many pints of sauces and salsas, enough to give some to friends and family and have enough to make it to the next tomato season.  As long as you stay in business, you have my business.


Annette F., Galena, Ohio  Winter, 2008


Dear Laurel,

Just wanted you to know that I harvested some fantastic tomatoes in 08.  I picked a Marianna's Peace that weighed 34.5 ounces & it was delicious.  The Goose Creek tomato plant produced so many tomatoes that I ended up giving them away clear into October.

Suzanne Q., Medford, Oregon. Fall, 2008





Laurel and Adrienne,

Just a note to let you know the plants all made it through the Texas heat.  We were so worried when all the flowers were falling off.  Your advice to wait and be patient until it cooled down a bit was RIGHT ON!!  We have a bazillion tomatoes now and the plants are bigger than we ever expected.  Thank you for keeping us calm during the heat wave.  You guys are the best!

Will talk in the fall for next year's order.  :)

Alexandra H., Texas


Dear Laurel,

I wish you could see our Goose Creek plants!  They are all about 6 or 7 feet tall and loaded with fruit.  I picked the first ripe ones yesterday.  Oh. My. God.  What a fabulous tomato! I'll send pics next week. I also made fried green tomatoes for the first time with the Carmellos.  Wow!!! 

Sue-Ann Raines, CO 2008



Part of Susan's 2008 Harvest

Hi Laurel, 

We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED our tomatoes this year and exposed most of our friends and families to the wonders of your heirloom tomatoes.

Thank you so much for the exceptional plants and variety that you offer and your obvious enthusiasm for Heirloom Tomatoes. 


Susan of Coplay, PA. Fall, 2008



Hi Laurel,

Let me first say , Wow  I had the best tomatoes ever this year, I still have some…I have fresh tomato sauce in the frig, stewed tomatoes, for the Winter…your tomatoes were amazing…I would like to reserve the following tomatoes if you still have them….

Striped German
Italian Giant Beefsteak
Believe it or not
Neves Azorean Red
 Julia Child
Mortgage Lifter.

Again , thank you for such a wonder experience with my tomatoes this year…it was so much fun…taste , quality was amazing….

Deb, California, 2008


Hi Laurel!!

Well, another year another fabulous tomato garden. I think 2008 is our best ever. William and I and about half the neighborhood have already harvested hundreds of tomatoes.  My sister in Chicago is growing your plants, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Boondocks and the San Marzano whatchmacallit .  I forget.  :)  She and I are having a contest to see who gets the most tomatoes. We're having a 'Mini Tomatofest' here on September 23rd.  Sure wish you could come but I know the trip to Pennsylvania is a bit of a long commute for you.  :)

Pauline and Wild Bill, PA 2008


Laurel --

Oh, my!  The thought that I might not get my shipment of tomato love is frightening indeed!  I've got to stop telling people about your website.  I totally get your decision to cut back and enjoy life, but since our summer revolves around your tomatoes, I hope our order is in early enough.... 

Our 2008 crop was the best ever.  Even though we had a lot of early rain and some of the plants got early blight, many of the others survived well and produced a bumper crop.  Our best producers this year were Kellogg's Breakfast and Big Beef.  We try Kellogg's Breakfast every year, but I've have only managed once to really get it right.  This year, every night when Dan and I went down to "train" the tomatoes through the cages as they grew, I would say a quick prayer in front of the Kellogg's Breakfast -- "Lord, if we can only have one good plant, let this one grow!"  It grew and grew and produced over 60 beautiful big luscious tomatoes.  Everyone that had them agreed they were the best tasting tomato they'd ever had.  The Big Beef also produced abundant wonderful red tomatoes.

Sara Black produced about 10 wonderful tomatoes before it was stricken with a wilting disease, but those 10 were so great that I have to try her again.  Cherokee Purple was a standout, as usual.  Our Lemon Boys were just prolific producers, as was the Pruden's Purple.  Sorry not to see that on the list this year. 

Our 2009 list contains some tried and true favorites and new varieties to try.  Thanks for all you do to make summers at ShangriFlynn so magical, Laurel. 

Donna Flynn




The Flynns and friends picking tomatoes during a get-together this summer. Out of the pool and into the garden!

Laurel --

Dan and I have been going through your Big List for the past few weeks trying to whittle our 2008 order down to a manageable size.  Truth be told, I want them all!  However, we've pruned the list down to 30 plants (lots o' tomatoes for just two people, huh!).

I've attached a couple of pictures of last year's garden.  There's a long shot of the garden (fenced to keep the deer out) and a shot from inside the garden.  We had a pool party with old friends and midway through the afternoon, we all headed down to the garden to pick tomatoes for folks to take home.

Your tomatoes are the joy of our summer.  We start getting the garden ready in early April, so that when your precious jewels arrive, their home is all prepared for them.  We've even built home-made tomato cages out of 6' rolls of concrete reinforcing wire.  They're nice and tall with big holes for plenty of support.

One of these years, we're going to come out west for Tomato Fest and we'll look you up!
Many thanks!

Dan and Donna Flynn. Clifton, Virginia, 2008


Laurel --

Just wanted to let you know we're having a bumper year here in Virginia with your wonderful heirloom tomato plants.

We're actually experiencing a fairly severe drought, but that's been good for the tomato crop because we can control the watering.  For the last three years, we've tried growing a Paul Robeson -- and never had any luck.  We've kept ordering because they're your favorite tomato.  This year, we finally got it right -- and we love them!

I'm also thrilled with the Aunt Ruby's German Green.  Whatta tomato!  We only ordered 18 plants this year (as compared to our usual 24).  We always supplement the order with a few hybrids that we buy locally, so we usually put in about 32 plants.  This year, we only put in 24 and gave each one more room.  It's made a world of difference.  We also made huge tomato cages out of a bale of concrete reinforcing wire (comes in rolls 120" wide, with 6"X6" holes) and haven't lost a single plant to storms.

We've been harvesting about 30 tomatoes every night, and we eat them every night for dinner -- and take bags to our friends and neighbors.  There is nothing better in the world than a plate of Laurel's heirloom tomatoes with fresh basil, balsamic vinegar and some good Italian olive oil. 

Guy Clark said it best -- "Home grown tomatoes, homegrown tomatoes.  There's nothing in the world like homegrown tomatoes.  There's only two things that money can't buy, and that's true love and homegrown tomatoes."

We tell everyone we know who cares about growing tomatoes about your website.  I've been going through the list getting myself psyched for our 2008 order.  You're the best!

Donna (and Dan). Clifton, Virginia, 2007

Mary Powell's 2007 summer garden in Arkansas. Her husband built those beautiful raised beds. The fluffy beds and lots of soil volume make for great big tomato plants! See the yellow tomatoes on the last plant on the right--bottom of the plant and many more great looking fruits on the plants. Thanks for the photograph, Mary!

                              Mary Powell, Arkansas


Dearest Laurel,

We are SO looking forward to our new order of your fabulous tomato plants
for this season.  We were THRILLED with the San Marzano Redorta tomatoes
last year.  I used to pay $5.00 for a 28oz can at the grocery store for
whole San Marzano tomatoes which are imported from Italy.  They are the best
canning tomatoes in the world.  We only purchased them for special occasions
because they are so expensive.  So last year we planted two of your San
Marzano Redorta plants and canned them last summer. OH MY STARS!!!  They are
even better, yes, BETTER than the prized canned ones imported from Italy.
We enjoyed the best pasta sauces all winter and every single recipe I have
that calls for canned tomatoes were far tastier using the ones we canned
from your plants.  So for the cost of ONE of your plants, I saved hundreds
of dollars in canned and fresh tomatoes last year.  I plan to can tomatoes
for Christmas gifts this year, they are that special, and I will be able to
save hundreds of dollars this year not only on our personal food bill but on
Christmas presents as well.  We LOVE your plants and look forward to many
bountiful seasons with you! 

Love, Jeanine and Scotty Ford,  Fallon, Nevada


I am listing my tomato order for this year below.  I just want to tell you that the plants I ordered last year - were spectacular!  I had a fantastic summer of delicious tomatoes and pasta sauce.  I am very excited about this upcoming tomato season and can't wait for my plants.  As always your product is fantastic. 

Dawn, Utah, 2007

Steve Kodrys of New York City, in September with some of his 2007 Harvest. He got plants for his birthday in May 2007.


Hi Laurel,

I just wanted to let you know, all of my plants arrived safely yesterday afternoon.  They were in excellent shape, and not one broken leaf!  If anyone out there is afraid of the shipping, especially east coast residents, please assure them the packing is perfect, and their plants will be fine.

They are all safely planted in their new home, and hopefully, in a couple of months, I will send you some photos of your heirlooms, thriving in Florida.


Anna Williams, Florida.   April 2008


Dear Laurel,

I received my plants from you around the 18th of August. My husband built an Earthtainer and they were planted within a week. The plants were doing well when Hurricane Ike hit. We left the Houston area and went west of San Antonio. After the Hurricane past, my husband came home to check the damage. I was only concerned with how my Tomato plants survived. The fences were blown down, our neighbors shed was in our back yard, trees were down,,,,but the tomato plants survived. The wind took 1 plant's leaves off but a month later the plants are loaded with flowers and the plant that had a lot of leaves blown off is about 12 inches tall. I can't wait until I can pick fruit.  Many Thanks for great plant.


Sugar Land, Texas 2008


I want to thank you again for providing such a superb product, and providing it as well in such a courteous, informative, and efficient manner.  Last year's plants arrived in perfect condition, packaged with great care, exactly when they were expected, and ready to be put into the ground.  I didn't lose a one.
You provide a fantastic service for tomato lovers.  I wish you great success.
Mark De Lancey, Illinois  April 2008

Hi Laurel,

We received the tomatoes, they were perfect!!! Great packing, and they got here FAST!!!

They have already grown lots!! We are looking forward to delicious beautiful tomatoes!!

Thank you for a very perfect experience with Laurel’s Tomatoes!! 

Ellen & Vic Staley, Seguin, TX

Your tomato plants are spectacular and we love having a great tasting tomato again ! THANKS

Sharon Cooper
Hello Laurel. My plants arrived today and I must say, nice job. They are in perfect shape and absolutely look outstanding. They will be going in the ground tomorrow morning. This is my fledgling year as a tomato grower and am happy I found your website and get to learn with such interesting varieties. I will be ordering from you next year.

Steve Chevalier, CO  Summer, 2008

Hi Laurel,

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we loved the Amana Orange Tomatoes we grew from your plant last year!  The fruits were large, sweet and so tasty.  Everyone we gave them to, (we had too many for ourselves) said they "couldn't believe how great they tasted and how much better they were than the tomatoes you buy in the store."  They also asked us to please plant the Amana Orange Tomatoes again, so we are.
It's so nice to eat tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes!  Thanks Laurel!
Gary Yoshino  Rancho Cordova, California - 2008



I ordered tomatoes from you last year and I had the most delicious summer of my life.  The tomatoes were beautiful, delicious and a joy to grow.  I would like to order some more for the summer of 2008.  I live in Oregon and my growing zone is 8-9 but I am not sure when to plant...

Cheryl White, Oregon, Fall, 2007


My order arrived today. The plants are absolutely beautiful! You have my business for the future. No sense in all of the hassle to start plants from seed when, for a little more money & a lot less hassle, I can let you do all the work.
Thanks again, and thanks for the extra plant. I am looking forward to *next* year's order already. 

Michael Plechaty, Saratoga CA


I got the Tomato plants today, Friday, around noon.

They are in the ground !!!

I am VERY IMPRESSED in your shipping !!!! Very Impressed !!!!!

I will keep you posted on how the tomatoes do up here in S/madre 
(right east of Pasadena)

I can't wait to dig into them !!!

Mark Valsi, Sierra Madre CA


Dear Laurel,
Thank you so much for the beautiful tomato plants. Your packaging is awesome!!!!! The covering on top of each plant kept every speck of soil in place. The individual boxes protected each stem. The seedlings were in perfect condition.
The plants are bigger and healthier looking than any I've purchased elsewhere. Thank you!



Got them !! Your plants are well packed and lovely, I am a Shipping Manager and they are just how I would want them done !!

Great job !! Will send photos of the goodies later.

Angela P., New Hampshire


Dear Laurel,

The Purple Haze plant was the star of my South Carolina garden this year.  The plant was very large, hardy, and prolific.  What a wonderful tomato.  The flavor was sublime.  The Super Sioux exceeded my expectations as well.  Thank you for the great care you put into growing the plants and shipping them.  When they arrived at my door, after being shipped all the way across the country, they were still beautiful. 

Heather Palmer, SC. Fall 2007


Laurel et al ,
We ordered last year and where blown away by our experience. My four kids have all been anticipating this years crop of delicious heirlooms. If possible we would like you to again pick out a variety of tomatoes that you think would do well for us in Columbia SC. I would like about a dozen plants in a variety of sizes and colors. I would however like two green zebras, two golden grapes and two goose creeks in the mix if possible.  Again I can't thank you all enough for allowing me to bring the lesson home to my children about the importance of biodiversity and the reward of homegrown food.

Scott P.,  South Carolina, 2008


I've expanded my list year because I gave away a few tomatoes to friends and they wanted me to order a few extra plants for them as well...

By the way,  the plants I received from you last year were absolutely awesome.  Couldn't believe how well they grew.  They were just enormous and produced lots of tomatoes.  All of them were the biggest most productive plants I ever grew.  Size and productivity is meaningless unless the tomatoes taste good.  Well, I can flat-out tell you that all of the varieties I purchased were absolutely the best tasting tomatoes I ever grew!  They were fantastic and everyone who was fortunate enough to receive a few also agreed.


Can’t wait to get my new plants. 


Phil B, Ohio, 2008


Hi there,

I'd like to place an order for some tomato seedlings.  The ones you sent last year were fabulous, and were by far the best tomatoes I've ever grown!  I can't wait to grow more!  I'd like to order the following plants, if they're still available:

Paul Robeson                            2  (Wow!  Whatta tomato!)
Carmello                                   1
Chocolate Stripes                    1
Goose Creek                             1
Moonglow                                1
Purple Haze                             2


Marie G., Sacramento CA 2008

Got em'!

Wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW WOW WOW

Absolutely fabulous!!!  They arrived still nice and damp, leaves
perfect...can't tell you how impressed I am!

Siba S., Washington


Dear  "Laurel's Heirloom Tomato  Plants",
I  received my order recently. These are the best  tomato plants I have ever purchased through
the mail. They are large and very healthy. Your packaging really protects them. And, your
planting information is extremely helpful.


Susan S.,  Chicago, IL.


Hi Laurel.  I just wanted to let you know that my tomato plants arrived
today and they are absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you very much.

Len, California


I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the quality of your
plants and the first class shipping containers you sent them in. Each
plant looks so healthy and strong and the packing containers really
protected them well. I have had plants shipped for my garden and they
have never come in the kind of boxes you have. They really protected
those little guys well! (Plus we are going to reuse them to bring wine
back from California when we are out at TomatoFest!!! - You can't ship
wine to MA) Anyway, just wanted to let you know they arrived safely and
I will be using you in the future for my tomatoes!!! Thanks for all
your help!

Shannon, Massachusetts


Hi Laurel,
Becky from Bismarck, ND here to let you know that the Goose Creek tomato plant that you sent me was all you said and more!  It has become the number one favorite in my garden for both my husband and me. The plant arrived healthy, produced very well (at least 25 of those beauties) and the flavor was unbelievable.  It did indeed taste like a fine wine.  Subtle sweetness and texture that was so smooth it is hard to describe.  It is one of those things you just have to experience.  Anyway, it did great here in the north country on just a little Garden's Alive Tomatoes Alive Plus.  Thank you for a very enjoyable addition to my garden.
Rebecca, North Dakota


Hi Laurel! I just want you to know how much Dad and Mom love the gift certificate. They said it's just beautiful, the best anniversary present they ever got and my mom even sent me a picture of one of her garden gnomes wearing the teeny hat and holding the miniature shovel. Too cool! You made everything so special, they can't wait to get their plants in the spring and have homegrown tomatoes this summer.

Thanks again for everything. You really are the BEST!!!

Andrea R., Virginia.

To Laurel and the Elves,

My Variegated/Splash of Cream plant is huge and beyond gorgeous. The neighbors can see it through the fence and want to know what in the world it is and where I got it. And my wife's garden club came by to have a look and they were are amazed. It's truly a unique and wonderful plant. The fruits are great, too!  Thanks for the recommendation. Kudos! Oh and Earl's Faux. It's fantastic! Where do find these tomatoes???  We'll definitely be ordering from you again!

Lars, Pennsylvania


Well here I am back this year. Your tomato plants were the best, the plants arrived in perfect condition, they didn’t even know they had been on a long trip.  

Thanks again for being there for us tomato lovers.  

Carol Vincent, Georgia  

They arrived today (minus one that is on back order)
and they are perfect!!!!   Not even one leaf broken.
Your handling and shipping is awesome!  The postman
even delivered them to the front door and placed them
UPSIDE DOWN! YIKES!! but they are perfect. 
Thanks so much Laurel, I carefully removed them from
their packaging and placed them in the sun and they
straightened up and love it!  Thanks so much, it is a
pleasure doing business with you!  You are free to
include me in your testimonials if you would like, you
are awesome!
Linda W. 




Hi Laurel,
Just wanted to say our tomato plants arrived today, and they are the nicest mail order ones we have ever purchased, and by far the best packaging!   Thanks, Brandy
Brandy & Richard, California  2005


Dear Laurel,
I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived yesterday as scheduled.  All the plants arrived in good condition, and I am very happy and impressed with the quality of your plants.  This is the third business that I've used for online live plant orders, and your plants arrived in the best condition.  It's obvious that you take pride and care in what you do. 
You made a great selection of tomatoes for me and my area - thanks!  I look forward to calling you again in February 2006.
Best regards,
Bronwyn 2005


Hi Laurel!  Well, we've never seen anything like these gift certificates. Just elegant and all the little miniature things are TOO cute.

Got our Christmas shopping done in one place. Thank you. You guys are SO creative!  Mom and Billy and will love them.  Thank you thank you! 

Liza and Mary Ann from Minneola

Ps, Can you tell we like them ? : )


Greetings Laurel!  Hope the holiday season finds you well. I've been meaning to write you about this year's harvest but have been so busy.  Please forgive.
First of all, thank you for recommending Goose Creek. We just picked the last ones as a frost is predicted for the next day or two.  Every year we love trying your new offerings and this year was no exception.  Goose Creek is marvelous, the whole family loves it, even the twins who 'don't like tomatoes' went all ga-ga over it.  Carter was skeptical--like what's new?--but he loved it, too. 
We had to fight over a ripe one in September at Jonah's 7th birthday dinner.  He ended up cutting it into 9 perfectly sized pieces (his birthday, his choice) to be sure everyone got a bite. "One for you, one for you, one for you..." It was so sweet.  Thank God he didn't cut himself, guess you gotta let them grow up sometime.
We just looked at the list for 2006. Yikes. So now Purple Haze has really got our attention and the Glory of Moldova sounds great and so many more. 
We'll get a list together and place our order in the coming week.
Tomato Love Back Atcha,
TJ and Carter M.,  South Carolina  2005


Laurel, thank you for sending the replacement plant so fast. I know the one broken plant was too small to ship . I should not have urged to go ahead and send it early but I am always so impatient.  I just couldn't wait, and you were right, it was too small to travel. Guess I learned my lesson  : (

The fact that you sent another one anyway is the best customer service I've ever seen.  

Paul in Iowa.



I can't tell you how DELIGHTED I was to see the gift certificate to Martha
and Michael - it could not be more perfect and thoughtful and wonderful.
Thank you so very much for making a simple gift certificate so personal and
so special.  You have brought joy to me, to Kim and I'm certain Martha and
Michael when they open it!

Now I wish I had anywhere appropriate to grow tomatoes myself and a schedule
that accommodated regular care and watering!!  Someday!  (so don't stop
growing tomatoes, OK?)  :-)

Best regards,

Hello Laurel,
I am so excited! The tomato plants have arrived.  Opening the boxes with great anticipation, I was wowed by wonderful large healthy plants.  In addition, the packaging was superb.  My mouth was watering in great anticipation as I unpacked each plant enjoying the tomato fragrance. 
Thank you for your selection of substitutions.  I chuckled at the choice of the Sioux tomato plant; I grew up in South Dakota.   
Your friendly personal service and excellent plants have definitely made me a loyal customer.
Sharon J.,  Connecticut


The plants arrived Monday and looked wonderful! The attention that you put into packing the plants is, bar none, the best of any mail order nursery! I was really impressed with the condition of the plants' root systems, which appeared very healthy, extensive, and showed no sign of being pot bound. I planted them in some big containers yesterday, following your instructions, and now I can't wait to get a 'mater off them! I'll definitely be ordering in November!
Chris, Ohio

Hi Laurel

I have to tell you how much I love the tomatoes.  The
weather has been so weird here so I'm just now getting
some ripe ones.  My Sungold starting coming in the
beginning of August and all the rest have followed
suit.  Like you suggested, I should have sprayed the
tomatoes with BT at first site of those hornworms but
I finally sprayed yesterday.  I've been finding way
too many eaten tomatoes especially my Marianna's Peace
and the Lemon Boy.  The Marianna's Peace was
definitely worth the money.  Beautiful!  I've always
loved the Big Rainbow and Sungold and each year I
remember why they're two of my favorites.  Oh, and the
Lemon Boy is always so prolific.

Thank you so much for everything, Laurel!  You've been
a great help this year!

Toni Wilhite

Hi Laurel!  The 4 gift certificates just got here and they are so gorgeous, I can’t stop looking at them. Each one is a work of art, and each one is different. They are are amazing. My sisters and my cousins will be so excited when they see the custom certificates about their hobbies and stuff.  They saw the plants you sent to me and Mom last season and were so envious, now they will be getting their own in the spring.  Gosh, I hope they share their tomatoes with me like I shared my tomatoes with them. Of course, since we all live close to each other, and are  going to have 12 plants each, we will have our own big fabulous tomato tasting party and compare varieties. Lets see…that’s 60 different tomatoes.  Oh wow, quite a tomato party. Thanks for making it so easy to do my Christmas shopping!

Can’t wait for my own plants in April! Thanks again, you are the BEST.   - 

Reiko M., San Mateo , CA  


Laurel, I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful the plants I ordered from you are!  It's so wonderful to go to the garden in the mornings and see what has transpired overnight!  Am thrilled you suggested "staggering" production; and the Sweet Baby Girls are appearing so fast it's hard to keep up with them....mouth is watering waiting for one to ripen (probably won't make it to the salad!)  I gave three plants to my daughter and a bunny rabbit (pet) friend of my granddaughter's ate ONLY your plants out of their garden TO THE GROUND....guess you have another devotee.  Next year I'll buy him his own plant!  Or we'll have rabbit stew...joking.   Also gave several plants to friends who are growing them in whisky barrels - and having great luck....For the first time ever I followed planting directions - and believe me, I'm happy I did!  Thank you so much for all your help; the summer promises to be a good hot one with cooler nights - but hard to wait for harvest!  Thanks again for your selections...
Ingrid S.

Dear Laurel,
Despite the poor tomato weather here in Chicago for
this year, your plants all are producing like true
champs. All the varieties are truly awesome. I'm
eating them like crazy and donating to a local food
bank as well as family members.
Thanks ever so much for the attention you and the
elves paid to the plants.
I'll write again in the early spring.
Be well!

Hello Laurel.  The 3 plants you shipped were received in great condition.  Two were gifts, and mine is planted already.  I'm going to use the basket weave trellis system you describe instead of the cages and stakes I have used previously.  Thanks for the information,  the beautiful plants and the fun tomato charm.  It has been great doing business with you and I look forward to expanding my tomato horizons even further next year.
Emily C, California.


The plants arrived safe and sound and all I can say is WOW!   You weren't kidding when you said they'd be worth the wait.  Your hand written note and thorough instructions for care are also greatly appreciated.  Can't wait to plant them this week-end.  Thanks for everything.  Looking forward to doing business again with you next year.
Take care.
 Bill K., New York  2004


Dear Laurel,
The wonderful plants arrived today (Friday) and I am so impressed with your packaging which shows such care and diligence.  I also love my new necklace and will wear it with pride.  Serving these tomatoes to my guests will be the height of culinary fulfillment and delight.  I just don't know how I can wait that long.
Thanks so much for your and the elves' hard work.
Joan M., Virginia


Hi Laurel, Momma received her plants!!  
They were very well packaged and they are strong
plants with well developed root systems....  I am
impressed!  These were the most well packaged and best
developed plants that we have received.  We will be
back for more plants from you! 
I wanted to add that the plant paperwork was very much
appreciated, too, and is very helpful to make sure the
plants get off to a successful start. 

Linda W.,  Texas, Spring 2003


I was just about to leave for a doctor's appointment today (and running late) when the mail woman rang the doorbell with your package.  As much as I wanted to open it and see my tomato plants, I just couldn't spare the time and left for my appointment.   I didn't get home until about 9:00 tonight....
When I got home, my husband showed me every little detail of the way the plants were packed.  Naturally, we both thought (and he said) that you must have designed the special boxes yourself just for this purpose and it was obvious that you put some time into packing each plant and into packing all of them together in the box for shipping.   It was just so nice to see all the little things you do to ensure that the plants don't get broken, get too dry, etc.   The tough part is going to be waiting for that first tomato...!
Next spring, I will be placing my order with you early--no more messing around waiting on the locals to get something in other than the same old boring tomato plants.
Take care, Laurel.   You are a very nice person--so easy to talk to.
Jane B.  2003

Laurel!  Hi!  You should see my plants, they look so purty.  I planted them the day they arrived in March and we have little tomatoes on half of the 18 plants. Your planting instructions answered all my questions. My kids kept reading the instructions to me while I was planting. They would stand beside the garden and holler things like "C'mon Mom, it says you have to take the flowers off for 5 more days!" We can't wait til they are ripe, the kids have never tasted a real tomato! 

As you always say, Tomato Love,

Grace Q., Florida  2003

Just wanted to thank-you for the beautiful Black Zebra Tomato Plants, they came today and are already in the ground.
I did read your care/directions sheet that you sent and I followed everything you said (that applied to me)- wish me luck!
oh, and Thank-you for the adorable Tomato pendant, it's so cute.
Thanks again for everything, you have been great to work with.
Toni R., NY


 I received the plants last Friday! I’m sorry it has taken me this long to get back to you.  They are beautiful!  I can’t wait for my for my first tomato!


Hi Laurel,

... Thank you so much for the shipment.  Everything arrived in good
condition.  What a clever way of packaging.  I was wondering how you
were going to do that. 

Thanks again for the plants.  I'll drop you a line once I start
harvesting and let you know how it's going...

Sandra S., California

Hi Laurel,

They arrived safe and sound on Saturday morning and were in the ground an hour later.  Now the hard part comes....the wait.... thanks again for everything and look forward to buying more plants from you next year!!!  Oh, and I also love the tomato necklace!!!  I'm wore it all weekend.....

Pamela W. 

Hi Laurel,
I received my tomato plants Monday and planted them in the ground yesterday!  They looked great, I will probably be placing an order with you next year.  Thanks for taking such good care of them.

Renee, California  2004

Laurel!  I can't believe these plants.  When you say big, you ain't kiddin'.  My husband really had doubts about big tomato plants coming all the way to Alabama safely from California, but after I opened the first few, he got all giddy and helped me open the rest. He was like a big silly kid. We planted this morning and they look gorgeous, we're soooo looking forward to the harvest. Thank you thank you thank you!
Rosalind P.,  Alabama

Hi Laurel

The tomato plants got here this morning. The mailman asked us what was in the box so Dad talked to him for a long time about the old time tomatoes.  Our mailman Jack said he loves tomatoes. We  have the garden beds all ready, raised beds like you told us, and they will get planted in the morning.  These plants are so big I am surprised.  We will be putting up tomato sauce and whole tomatoes in the summer.  Dad says he wants to taste the tomatoes like the ones he remembers from when he was a  boy in Cincinnati. Thank you so very much.

Your friend,

Milly  G., Dayton, Ohio


Laurel,  Got them.  They look terrific...Many thanks, Laurie


Well, we spent all day planting the 36 plants.  My girlfriend says we need to lease the neighbor's yard if I buy any more of your tomato plants. Thanks for having sooo many different varieties, I felt like a kid in a candy store. (We will need at least 3 more of the Stupice, and about 4 Costoluto Genovese, let us know when they are big enough to ship.)

RJ, Minnesota


Got the GOODS yesterday.  They are gorgeous!!  I am so excited.  I planted them this morning around 6:30ish, couldn't wait to get them growing in their new home.  Loved the Black Tula....that is actually the one I wanted.  I will let you know later in the season how "we" are doing.  Thanks again and will see you next year, too.  

Tonya H., California

My mother received the plants this afternoon and called me right away. She was so excited. She said that the plants were packed with such love and care that none of the plants were bent or anything like that. She was so happy that the root system was so established, not like the ones that she buys at  (the big garden center).  She was so excited that I had to remind her that it was too hot to plant them in the ground at 5 pm and that she should wait at least a couple of hours! She just loves them! Thanks for everything, Laurel!  

Amy O, Texas

I wanted to let you know that the shipment arrived with all plants
in tact.  Everything is planted so far. I am so excited! 

Jason W.  New York


The tomato plants arrived on time and in great shape!  They are now all
tucked in their bed with mulch, and I don't think even a leaf will be lost.
Sue R., Texas


The tomato plants have arrived and are healthy and happy, and ready to adopt their new home! 

Thank you,

Patrick, California


Hi Laurel!

I received the tomatoes yesterday....They look *beauteous*!  Am saving your instructions for future reference too - very helpful.  Can't wait till it's time to bite into my first mater!  :-)  Thanks to for the sweet little surprise - I love my little tomato charm.  Thanks again.  Look forward to ordering again next spring!  

Eileen K, IL.

Laurel , thank you so much for recommending the two books. They got here just as my family all came in from out of town. My husband and my sister couldn’t stop looking at them even during Thanksgiving dinner. I had to take the books out of their hands and holler at them to eat their dinner.  It was pretty funny. My sister Eileen got some cranberry sauce on one of the pages but she said since it’s okay because it’s exactly color of Eva Purple Ball. She’s so crazy! We will all be ordering our plants as soon as we decide on our choices from your bazillion varieties, and my dad wants to grow that really hot white bullet chile.  I guess he’s crazy too!

Thanks again for all the time you spent answering my questions, I love that old fashioned personal service, so rare these days!

Kim P., Michigan


The tomato plants got here without any problems. My babies are already in the ground and I can't wait to taste the fruit.
Mike J., Oregon

Hi Laurel! Kurt and I were so excited unpacking our tomato plants tonight. It felt like Christmas in May. Your packaging is the best we've ever seen; everything is in perfect condition.  Thank you so much. (My mom came by to see, and wants to take home some of  OUR plants, I gave her your website address. LOL) We will be contacting you next spring at tomato time and I think Mom will be calling you soon!

Angela P. , Virginia

Hello Laurel,

I received my plants yesterday and I must say they looked better than any transplant I have bought or seen personally at any nursery. I am looking forward to watching these plants grow! Thanks again!

 Josh M., Texas



            Mid May sounds correct for shipping the plants.  I was so tickled to see that you now have chili plants.  I had my Dad pick out four of the chili plants I ordered.  He is so excited and can’t wait to get them. 

I do have to say, we had a great success with the tomato plants we purchased from you last year.

 Thanks, Melissa

Hi Laurel,

You we're right.  These are the healthiest plants we've ever gotten. I can't believe the difference.  If you have any more Cherokee Purple or Marianna's Peace ready this spring, please let me know.  I have room for about 8 or 9 more plants. What's the one you said is fuzzy like a peach? We want that one too. My wife says I have some kind of weird tomato fever because I am digging up more of the lawn for tomato plants. I've worked on perfecting that lawn for 24 years,  Am I crazy?  And thanks for the planting tips you sent along, really helped.

Duane D., North Carolina

Hi Laurel,

              The plants and I arrived safely!! It was a bit harrowing when security at the airport brought the dogs to sniff the boxes!!

The only variable is the x-ray beams they received at airport security. No one at the airport could comment if the process was hazardous to plants. Judging by the people who worked there, prolonged exposure to security 'bag irradiation' appears to cause gray matter atrophy. Just kidding!

            My friend  Harris met me at the airport parking lot and anxiously picked up his plants. He unpacked his plants when he got home and said they were in great condition.... He told me to thank you for packing them so carefully and for nurturing them so well.

            I greatly enjoyed our meeting!!! You have a beautiful place! If ever in the Philadelphia area please give me a call. I would be delighted to give you a tour of the tomatoes new home. In any event please stay in touch. Again, many thanks for the wonderful plants and the opportunity to visit your home.


Jay G., Pennsylvania

Hi Laurel,
I send my thanks.
Tomatoes arrived in great shape, even the baby.
You inspire me to take really good care of those little guys.
Rosalie S.

Good Morning Laurel.
Received my tomato plants yesterday and all I can say is that they are
beautiful.  You know how you open up a package and the reaction you have
when it is something really nice.....well that is how I felt about them.  I
was just so impressed with the packaging and the health of the plants and
the step by step instructions.  I don't really know what I expected but they
were really really nice.  I would recommend anyone to buy your plants.   We
are suppose  to have a pretty decent day today with some sun finally, but
guess it isn't going to last long....once again chance of showers tomorrow
and still those cooler temperatures. Thanks so much.
Sheila H., Michigan

Hello Laurel,
    We received the plants, all of them were in great shape and are in the garden now.  Can't wait to start making salsa and sauce from them!
 Duncan R.,  Minnesota

Thanks Laurel, they did arrive today in great condition.  Thanks, you really know how to treat your customers, I am one very satisfied one.  I am imagining what these lovelies will taste like, I cannot wait!

Debby M.,  California

They arrived! They look to be in great shape too. :-)  I am so glad
you included little labels with them as I worried I would take them
all out and mix them up right away.  We have finally gotten rain
here and now the ground is saturated after weeks of dryness.  We
were headed into this month with a 6 inch deficit already....

Our temps are expected to go into the 90s again in
another week and I hope to give the li'l guys a chance to acclimate
before that happens.

Is it my imagination or do the leaves of some appear to be just a bit
different colored than the others?...All these new things to
learn. This will be such fun. :-) 

It has been a pleasure doing business with you. 

Have a wonderful day,
Cheryl-Ann, Oklahoma

Hi Laurel!
Just to let you know, your first shipment has turned into gorgeous
plants.  They are between 3 & 4 ft and growing
outside of  30'' cages.  Most are full of green tomatoes.  They all have
a beautiful thick green cover so there should
be no problem of sun scald as the tomatoes ripen.  Plants from the
second shipment are quickly gaining on 2 ft.

Mary J., IL


Hello Laurel,
I received my plants yesterday and was very happy.  They arrived in perfect shape.  I followed your instructions and planted them accordingly.
Thanks for the quick shipment!
 Anna M, Pennsylvania


Received the plants today in great condition.  Planted out and am looking forward to Fresh Maters for Thanksgiving and later.  Your packing methods are the best I have ever seen.  Worth the money.
When will your Spring Plants be available?
Michael L., Texas


Hi Laurel,                                                                                                       July 4, 2003
I ordered some tomato plants from you to be sent to Dallas, Texas last spring.  First, I wanted to tell you how beautiful they are!  There have been articles in the local paper every week about treating diseased, heat-affected, or bug-infested tomato plants.  So, I think I have the healthiest plants in Dallas--I ordered all mine from you and they are just full, lush, green, and completely covered with tomatoes!  My only regret is not giving up on the local nurseries and ordering them from you earlier in the spring.  So, next year I will definitely do that!
I would like to go ahead and order a couple of plants to add to these for fall.  If available, I would like to order:
Tangella (or Moonglow, whichever is available)
Hawaiian Pineapple
Ruffled Yellow (or something that is comparable, if not available)


Girl, you are sooo cool!  The 38 tomato plants arrived,
only one broken leaf was all the damage to these
wonderfully shipped plants!!!  They are great, hubby
was very pleased, as was I.  Thanks so much for the
beautiful tomato pendant, it is so special to me.  You
are a very special person, good heart! 
The plants are in the ground and it is suppose to rain
tonight or tomorrow.  We gave them a little drink upon
planting last night, but they will really love the rain water. 
Have a wonderful weekend and hope all is well with you.  Take care!

Linda W. Texas, Spring 2004


 I got 'em, I got 'em, I got 'em!!
 They arrived today and look great.  (They even SMELL great)
 Never have I received plants that were packaged with so much care.
 If it ever stops raining here in Michigan I can get out and plant my little darlings. (has rained 17 out of 21 days so far in May -- Yuck!)  I have acres of fluffy horse poop that they are going to love to live in.
 Thanks, also for all the pages of information that you sent along.  That will come in very handy.
 I'll let you know how they do.
 Thanks again,
 Carol C., MI


Thank you for all your help with my sister's gift!
She is thrilled.

Can I do some more gift certificates for garden loving
family and friends?


Laurel, I received the plants!  OMG, they look wonderful!  Nice big suckers!  I’m so very grateful and SO excited.  My hubby even came home from work early and we are going out NOW to plant these in the ground!  I’ll keep you posted at neighborhood envy!

Thanks so much for adding the Green Zebra – so sweet of you.  I gasped when I read your note as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sungold and would have thrown myself down in tears had I not gotten it.  :o)  I really wanted Cuostralee (sp) but will get it for sure next year so put me down!  Also, put me down for a Kellogg's Breakfast next year.  Don’t worry – I’ll remind you!

I’m going to BRAG about you on the tomato forum.  You are really the best, Laurel !  Oh, and thank you for that darling little tomato charm.  How cute!  You’re pretty special.

Thanks again.  


Hi Laurel,
I received my Heirloom Tomato Plants yesterday and planted them immediately in "Supersoil" in the Earthbox.....My compliments on your neat and excellent boxing, containering, instructions and etc, etc, etc....
Best regards,
Bud K.


Laurel -

The plants arrived Wednesday, in good shape.  Your packaging is excellent. Thank you very much, my mom will be here this weekend and is so happy to get her yellow pears!  Now that I know "what's what" I'll be sure to order in advance next year.


Hi Laurel!

My tomato plants got here this morning.  Thank you so much for the careful packaging, it sure is worth it.  Some of these plants are like over 18" tall and so healthy!  My husband can't believe it.  I am planting this afternoon. So excited about my heirlooms!

Tammy T.  South Carolina.  2004


  " You need more tomatoes."  Laurel