Small Fruited Varieties


These plants produce fruits from " to 2".

These little fruits can be red, black, orange, pink, purple, green, yellow, ivory, white or bicolor and in varying shapes: round, pear, grape, heart, ping pong, pea-sized and plum-shaped.


s-l300.jpg (300225)  

Amy's Sugar Gem ($6.25)   (Ch) 65 days. This huge, sprawling plant produces heavy clusters of golf ball sized, incredibly delicious, deep red ambrosial fruit with tiny golden jewel-like sparkles within the red skin. Very sweet! It was one of my absolute favorite tomatoes at TomatoFest in September--just knocked me out. Candy-on-the-vine, not to be missed.

Developed by Jeff McCormack, it is a cross of Red Cherry and Tappy's Finest. Named for Amy Boor Hereford whose Grandma Tappy introduced Jeff to heirloom tomatoes more than 20 years ago.





Black Cherry ($6.25) F/C (Ch) (VE) 65 days.


A perfectly round cherry tomato with classic black tomato flavor, sweet rich, smoky and complex. Fruit picks easily from the stem and is produced in abundance on vigorous, tall plants. These cherries are irresistibly delicious: look like a  black cherry, taste like a sweet cherry-- a unique addition to the color and flavor spectrum of cherry tomatoes for your garden, along with  our other cherries, it makes an arresting display for any table. Just outstanding. These guys got eaten moments after the photograph was taken.  :)





Related image New for 2018!

Braveheart (H) ($6.50) 65 days.


Here is a perfectly marvelous cherry tomato for your garden!


Braveheart is a strong, sturdy plant that gives you copious harvests of delightfully sweet and tangy deep-red cherry tomatoes on a more compact plant. The fruits have thin skin but are crack-resistant. They ripen early and produce scads of yummy tomatoes all season The medium-size plants are easy to manage.


High production, smaller plants and deep sweet flavor are the endearing qualities of this showcase variety for your garden.








Blondkopfchen ( Blond-copf-shen) ($6.25)  75 days.


One of the finest tasting cherry tomato in existence, the name of this marvelous German heirloom cutie means Little Blond Head or Little Blond Girl. The big leafy plant produces thousands of " grape-size sparkling yellow-gold cherry tomatoes in phenomenal clusters of 30 fruits per bunch! Delightfully sweet with a citrusy finish, this is the one to try with children who don't think they like tomatoes. As Gary Ibsen of says, " Just put one in your mouth and try to keep from smiling!"


No cracking, with great disease resistance, this little sweetie grows anywhere and produces right up until frost. Challenging to pronounce, really easy to eat.






Foxy Lady ($6.25) (E) (HG)   (70 to 75 days). 

This rapturous little cousin of Purple Haze is one of the newest additions to our heirloom cherry selection. The flavor, is energizing, elaborate and dazzling with a sweet, seductive background and earthy nuance with lingering flavors. A tiny touch of tang balances its big full-bodied sweetness. I am madly in love with this tomato.

Early ripening and growing in huge abundance on big plants in clusters of 5 to 7 fruits, Foxy Lady ripens in only 70-72 days from plant out and has some of the biggest potato type leaves Ive ever seen.





Photograph property of Lisa Von Sunder, 

Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry ($6.25) 75 days.     


This very old variety from the 1830's is a brilliant 1" to 1" yellow cherry tomato with big sweet flavors that explode in your mouth with an elegant irresistible pop! Just try to get more than a handful into the house after picking them vine-ripened and warmed from the summer sun.  A rare treat. Huge harvests. Incredibly prolific. One of the the best tasting yellow cherries and you will have enough to give them away by the basketful. Originally from John Hartman of J.M. Hartman & Daughters seed company in Indianapolis.


To quote William Woys Weaver: "The vines are long, rambling to 8 or 10 feet, and thus require staking. The fruit hangs in clusters of 6 to 8, and individual tomatoes are larger than a true gooseberry, and well flavored. The fruit color is lemon yellow. This variety is one of the first to come to fruit, and it remains productive until frost. The plants are somewhat frost tolerant at 28 to 32 F."






Hawaiian Currant ($6.25) (Ch)   80 days.

This magnificent miniature morsel of a tomato amazed me and the other tasters at TomatoFest in September of 2003. Festival guests were going back for more, causing a traffic jam in the joyous meandering line of tomato fans.  We got the hairy eyeball from a staff member. But it was worth it....


It grows in abundant grape-like clusters, each cluster holding onto its little red pea-sized fruits, until all are perfectly ripe. Be sure to snip off the entire ripened cluster as you would with a cluster of grapes on the vine, rather than trying to get these teeny little guys off one at a time.

The flavor of Hawaiian Currant is unbelievably deep, rich, sweet, and lingering on the palette, a tiny terrific dream of a tomato.

Photo Courtesy of Bunny Hop Seeds, thanks Ellie!






Indigo Blue Berries ($6.50)  75 days.


You're going to love this tomato! along with very high production in clusters of 6 to 8 fruits, Indigo Blue Berries are a  spectacular indigo blue, 1 to 2 ounces with a snappy, sweet flavor and a gorgeous mahogany-red blossom end. The fruits ripen to shiny, deep midnight-blue, almost raven-black cherries. Quite a conversation piece. I grew it in a container out front and passers-by, kids, grandmas and grandpas, whole families in my neighborhood actually came to the door to ask what it was. A really mind-blowing tomato.




PINK BUMBLE BEE  New for 2018!


Pink Bumble Bee ($6.50) 68 days.  F/C (VSM)    


These gorgeous 1" perfectly round cherry tomatoes are deep pink and with sunshine yellow streaking -- perfect for fresh tomato salads!

Sweet flavor and distinctive looks make them a great choice for home gardeners and for market growers to use in colorful pints of mixed cherry tomatoes. Crack-resistant fruit develops on strong plants.  Add this to your Bumble Bee collection along with Purple Bumble Bee and Sunrise Bumble Bee! The Triad of Bumble Bee-ness!






Purple Bumble Bee Tomato New for 2017!

Purple Bumblebee ($6.50) 65 days.


Look at these dark, dusky beauties! Purple Bumble Bee is a new delightful 1" cherry tomato with all the deeply complex smoky flavors of the black tomatoes. With dramatic grey-green stripes and stunning purple flesh inside, this little treasure will be a favorite treat in your garden. Crack resistant, disease resistant and a high producer all season long! You will have basketsful to share.  Bred by Fred Hempel of Baia Nicchia Farm in Sunol, CA. Way to go, Fred!





You'll see these 2 photographs I took are bathed in lavender light; it was not a photo trick, but natural late-afternoon sunlight from a gorgeous autumn sunset here in Los Angeles.
Purple Haze Homegrown ($9.95)         (E) (HG) 70 to 75 days.        

Presenting Purple Haze Homegrown. Our rarest plant. This exquisite deep purple fruit arose from a Purple Haze Hybrid plant growing in our home garden. The fruit was identical but the leaves were potato type. We grew it out and it stabilized for 10 generations (in 5 years ) I have named this open-pollinated, potato leafed plant Purple Haze Homegrown. An elegant 2 ounce larger-cherry-type tomato with rapturous flavor, a seductive shape and sensuous color. 

You'll see these photographs are bathed in pink light; it was natural late-afternoon light from a gorgeous pink and amber summer sunset here in Los Angeles.

Many growers have tried to grow out this fruit in an attempt to stabilize it and make it open-pollinated.

We will continue to grow and offer this rare plant to our customers and donate part of the proceeds to TACA, Talk About Curing Autism.

Originally created by Keith Mueller (with stunning success) to improve the flavor of Black Cherry, its name was inspired by its beguiling color and parental lineage which combines Brandywine, Cherokee Purple and Black Cherry. Great tasting fruits are sweeter and larger than Black Cherry and Foxy Lady, about 2-3 oz -- golf ball size.

The flavor, for the lucky few who have eaten one, is lively, sweet and sparkling with a fine tanginess, passionate with earthy nuances and lingering sweetness. Twice the size of its cousin, Foxy Lady, Purple Haze Homegrown does well in high heat and cool temperatures.





54d5a57cae7fa4af4859bb45eeeebc11.jpg (7361099)x

Rapunzel  ($7.95) 70 days.  (H)


Yes, I know.... but it is real.  I've gotten dozens of  calls and emails recently from gardeners searching for Rapunzel plants. So here it is!  This new, awesome hybrid produces tremendously long clusters of bright red, one inch, sweet juicy tomatoes all season long. The fruits themselves have a sweet rich flavor and the ridiculously dazzling trusses will have you doing a double-take.  Some of the 'strands'  hold more than 40 tomatoes. Pretty cool.  Great for containers!


This plant makes a delightful gift for gardeners of all ages -- especially kids and grandmas-- and grows easily in all climates and is disease resistant, too.






Super Snow White ($6.25) 70 days. F/C     (E)  


A gourmet's delight. I can't say enough about this exquisite 1" white cherry tomato which ripens from white to ivory to palest yellow with a bright, rich and sweet juicy flavor. Luscious. Adds charm, beauty and flavor to your cherry collection. Very prolific, easy to grow even in foggy coastal climates.  Pretty as starlight and a top seller.   (An improvement of 'Snow White'.)







Sun Gold ($6.95)     (EE) (H) 55 days. 


This is the one of the best cherry tomatoes I've ever tasted and ready to pick in only 55-60 days. It has the big, rich flavor of a full-size tomato, in a beautiful little deep-golden fruit growing in bountiful clusters on a huge plant. Sweet, rich, so beautiful...just left of center in top photo. Most of them won't make it into your house from the garden. If you send someone to pick them for you, keep your binoculars trained upon the picker. 



Sunrise Bumblebee ($6.95)


What can I say?  I've never seen anything prettier in the cherry tomato world. Huge harvests, too. This a very special cherry tomato, an astounding artisan variety. Please put this plant into your garden -- but remember -- it will make you way too popular. Sunrise Bumblebee is plump and bountiful, crammed full of old- time sweet, juicy, pop-in-your-mouth tomato flavors and just as cute as it can be. This is the tomato you would steal from your neighbors in the middle of the night. But don't; grow your own.   





    New for 2018!

       Tomatoberry ($6.75) 55 days (H)    

These perfectly charming deep-red strawberry or heart shaped fruits average 1" x 1" with very sweet flavors, very tender flesh and more juice than most cherry tomatoes. The flavor is divine and the appearance is stunning.


Ripening in only 50 to 60 days, Tomatoberry is an outstanding addition to your garden. A heavy producer, hearty vines, a real show-stopper with the flavor to match!



Yellow Submarine ($6.25) 70 days. (Ch) (E)

A wonderful little tomato! Similar in appearance to Yellow Pear but with a deep, rich, very sweet flavor and excellent texture, Yellow Submarine is replacing Yellow Pear for many gardeners who long for this beguiling shape and color but with big, scrumptious old-time tomatoey taste. Now the cutest little tomato also has great big flavor!  A Laurel's exclusive. Shown growing in a 25 gallon Tan SmartPot in our garden. Photo by Adrienne Park-Tucker.




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