Smaller Plants for Small Garden Areas

and our 10 gallon SmartPots


Most heirloom tomato plants grow to 6 or 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide. 

Here are some fabulous varieties which a stay a LOT smaller, 2 to 4 ft tall, stay 'shrubby' and can be easily grown in our 10 gallon size SmartPots!




Aftershock ($6.95) 78 days.     (E) 


Aftershock is a new 'dwarf' variety introduced this year. Look at this beauty!


Big striking, striped tomatoes on a shrubby 3 to 4 ft. plant. A stunning red bulls-eye in the center of ripe fruits the flavor is a mind blower. Beyond delicious!  Sweet with perfect tang found in some of the green when ripe tomatoes like Green Giant. 


Loves the heat. Great for containers or in the ground.


This stunning photograph is the property of Heritage Tomato Seeds/Bunny Hop Seeds. Go see their seeds, a fabulous selection!



Dwarf Blazing Beauty  ($6.95) 75 days.     (E) 


This is the first orange tomato offered by Dwarf Tomato Project.  These gorgeous fruits reach the 6 to 12 ounce range, beautiful and luscious with a bright sparkling flavor. The sweetness is perfectly balanced by a fine tartness which creates intense flavor. I do LOVE the orange tomatoes. Blazing beauty reminds me of Kellogg's Breakfast and Summer Cider flavor-wise and grows on a smaller hearty potato-leafed shrub-like plant. Perfect for smaller spaces or for growing more tomatoes in your big space!




Photo courtesy of Restoration Seeds.

(Dwarf) Tasmanian Chocolate ($6.95) (VSM)     (E)  65 days 

Big tomato, little plant. Tasmanian Chocolate is a beautiful variety that produces huge tomatoes on very compact plants. Large, beefsteak style fruits can grow to almost a pound and ripen to a deep chocolate-red. What really makes it unique is the dwarf growing habit, with small plants only growing to 2-3 feet, but still loaded with fruits! Great for small spaces and containers.




Florida 91  ($6.55) (H) 72 days. (D)       (E)  Florida 91 is the perfect choice for extreme heat. This specialty tomato is a very heat tolerant hybrid variety which produces delicious, bright red, 10 ounce, rich, sweet full-flavored tomatoes in only 72 to 80 days. A small determinate plant, growing to 2 or 3 feet, this variety sets fruit easily during high heat, when days are up to 97 or more and night temperatures are 73 to 82. Very disease resistant. Ideal for slicing onto sandwiches and salads, these sweet tomatoes ripen to be firm, solid, and resistant to cracking.





Lime Green Salad ($6.55) (VSM)   (E)   52 days. This tomato has become one of my passions. I grew only one Lime Green Salad plant the first season and wish I'd grown 10 of them.

This petite dwarf plant, about 18" to 20" tall--great for small containers like 3 to 5 gallons, or in your main garden, produces early abundant harvests of luscious tangy-sweet 3 to 4 oz. round lime-green tomatoes which literally burst with intricate, sweet refreshing citrusy flavors when you bite into them. The flesh inside is a gorgeous chartreuse, juicy...the flavor lingers. Unforgettable.  




Rutgers.JPG (394324)

Momotaro  ($6.95) (H) (VE)   62 days. (HG) This very popular early-ripening hybrid variety, (and Dolly Parton's favorite tomato), is being offered due to hundreds of requests from my customers who have found Momotaro fruits at Farmer's Markets. It is exceptionally sweet, low-acid, juicy and just beautiful with a very long shelf life. The 6 ounce fruits are a stunning shade of pink, full flavored, luscious and bountiful on the vine, with superb disease resistance.

I smuggled one into an heirloom tasting party, and the folks loved it. The revelation that it was a hybrid was a splendid surprise to the gathered heirloom aficionados and motley crew of tomato gourmets and gourmands. 

Named for an ancient legend of Momotaro, or Peach Boy, Momotaro was a baby boy found inside a giant peach by childless peasant farmers who had longed for a child of their own. He grew to be a famous warrior for peace. Among his many achievements: conquering, and then encouraging the ogres of Ogre Island to stop pillaging and be nice ogres. Each year the Momotaro festival in Japan celebrates the legend of this brave and wondrous child.



  New for 2019! 

Pink Opal (Dwarf) (6.95)


One of the first of the dwarf varieties to produce cherry tomatoes. Sweet and perfect, Pink Opal is going to give you scads of sweet, juicy delicious cherry tomatoes on a little 3 ft. dwarf plant. Delicious and very productive, a fine looking plant that saves space in small (or large) gardens. This little guy deserves a place in your tomato garden.





New for 2017!

Sweet Scarlet (Dwarf) ($6.95) 78 days.

This vigorous dwarf plant produces a heavy yield of 10 to 16 ounce smooth, sweet and tangy, red tomatoes with a superb, intense concentrated tomato flavor.

One of the best of the Dwarf Tomato Project varieties, it may surprise you by producing and occasional yellow or orange tomato on the same plant. Be sure to try them, they taste fantastic, one of the thrills of growing in the heirloom world!


IMPORTANT NOTE!: Remember to water sparingly or moderately when your tomatoes start to ripen. Otherwise you'll have a waterlogged mushy tomato! This goes for ALL of your heirlooms!



New for 2019! 

Dwarf Velvet Night (Cherry) ($6.95)

This deep purple cherry tomato grows in great abundance on a small dwarf plant. If you have a limited garden space and crave a really sweet, rich flavored cherry tomato, this is the one for you!

High production of 1 to 2 ounce cherry tomatoes will keep your tomato tastebuds really happy all season long -- and you'll have enough to share with loved ones.

This tomato was selected out and named by Susan Oliverson of the Dwarf Tomato Project.





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