California Gold Olive Oil Presents:



Laurel's Blend

Golden, mellow, smooth and buttery with a tiny touch of earthiness and grass - exactly the way I like my olive oil - this superb, award winning Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil was created for me by my friend and fellow heirloom tomato fan, Kevin Tazelaar, Founder of California Gold Olive Oil Co. in Oakdale, California.

Kevin presented an array of his wonderful oil blends for me and the Tomato Elves to try in a blind taste test.

We chose our favorite; it was unanimous! Kevin bottled it and surprised me by naming it Laurel's Blend.

We are delighted to present this tasty treat for you to drizzle it onto your fresh picked, homegrown heirloom tomatoes. Excellent for sautÚs, pasta sauces, salad dressing, oven roasted tomatoes and dipping crusty artisan breads. Adds a magical flourish to your Caprese Salad.

A welcome and delicious holiday gift for family and friends! This delightful pressing is in limited quantity; order early.

Each 8 ounce bottle is $12.50. To order please include with your plant order.



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