Terms of Service: Payment, Costs, Shipping, Guarantee & Returns Information


Plant Costs and & When Do I Pay?

Payment is due at the time you place your order.

Our organically grown seedling prices begin at $6.75 each.

Prices are noted on the 'available varieties' page next to their names. Some of our plants are grown from extremely rare or very expensive seeds, or are challenging to grow from seed, and are higher priced. 

Our customers pay for their plants at the time they are ordered in order to reserve their shipping windows. We will send an invoice and you call with payment info. Without pre-payment, substitutions will be made with similar varieties if your first choices are sold out. Shipping windows are first-come, first-served and must be reserved by payment in advance.

Minimum is 4 plants. 

   Where's the Shopping Cart? 

We do not use an online shopping cart due inventory control and variable plant size, thus variable shipping weights and shipping costs so each order is calculated individually.

Substitute Plants

IMPORTANT NOTE Occasionally we will need to substitute a similar plant variety if your first choice is not available. If you don't specify alternate choices Laurel will personally substitute a very similar wonderful variety which will do well in your area. If you do not give us your list of alternates or do not want Laurel to choose a to substitute,  we cannot take the order.

Make a list of the plants and garden products in which you are interested, then call or send an email listing them, along with any questions you have.  During October through mid-March, we will respond within 72 hours with your cost and payment options. 

We gladly accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and Discover, American Express and E-checks. (We no longer accept paper checks.)

Minimum credit card order is 4 plants. 

If paying with Visa or MasterCard, please be ready to include the security code number from the back of your card.  It is comprised of the last 3 separate digits on the back of your card in the signature strip. 





Finding the CV2 Code on Your Credit Card


Visa, & MasterCard 

The CV2, or card verification code, is 3 digits printed on Visa and MasterCard cards in the white signature panel on the back of the card. It is the last 3 digits AFTER the credit card number.  The American Express CVC is 4 digits on the front of the card.



     To Order By Credit Card or Debit Card

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express & Discover

To pay by credit card or debit card, call or FAX your order with this information:

If by FAX:  Your name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card info, exp date, and CV2 code to 310 494 0518.

EMAIL:  Your name, address, telephone number, email address. We will send an invoice and you call or FAX with payment info.

Do not email  your credit card number.

During April and May emails can get backed up for several days so it's much faster to call in your information during those 2 months.


We are in Los Angeles, hours are Pacific Time (PDT). 

When it's 9:00 in New York, it's still 6:00 a.m. in Los Angeles, etc.


Monday----   9:00 to 5:00

Tuesday----   9:00 to 5:00

Wednesday- 9:00 to 5:00

Thursday---  9:00 to 5:00

Friday -----   9:00 to 3:00

Saturday---  seasonal



Not sure? Check here: www.time.gov/ 




Telephone: 310 534-8611    











          FAX  310 494 0518

IMPORTANT: If you are ordering or inquiring by email, please, oh please,  include your name, address, zip code, and most important, your telephone number. Without this information, we cannot take your order.


Server conflicts, spam catchers and firewalls occasionally block email access, making it difficult or impossible to respond to your email. If you have not heard from us within 4 business days, it may mean we could not reach you by email, so please call us to check. 310 534 8611



      To Pay With PayPal

           Click on this PayPal Verified seal.  





   Shipping Charges and Packaging Technique

We will advise you of your estimated shipping cost when you place your order, but here is some basic information:


Plants are shipped US Postal Service Priority Mail (USPS) and will arrive Monday through Saturday. 


We also ship UPS and GSO to California, Nevada, Arizona and major cities in New Mexico.


UPS is twice the cost of USPS and takes 4 days instead of 2


Fertilizers and other non-perishable products are normally shipped via the lease expensive method.


Delivery time is 1-3 days. Deliveries coast to coast take 2-3 days. Please give us a delivery address where someone can receive your plants Monday through Saturday. If you cannot receive plants on Saturday you must let us know this when you place your order.


We prefer not to ship UPS unless that is the only way you can receive or pick up parcels.


Shipping to P.O. Boxes is fine; be sure your post office knows you are expecting a package so they notify you if it arrives early. It is solely the customer's responsibility to know your post office hours and delivery schedule. 


We cannot and will not be responsible for Post Office Box pick-ups.  You will get an email the moment your plants leave our nursery and you will be responsible for retrieving them at your Post Office. If our records show the plants were delivered at your post office we will not send replacements if you cannot find them at your Post Office.


We ship in containers specially designed by Laurel. The No-Shift© custom packaging costs are $1.75 per plant which is in addition to plant cost.

(Please see below for packaging and handling cost details.)


We do not conceal shipping costs in the price of your plants as many companies do because our customers are smart and deserve to know the actual costs, so all shipping fees are actual Post Office charges and separate packaging costs reflecting our cost of boxes and other packaging materials which ensure safe arrival of your plants. 


Actual shipping cost may run anywhere from $8 to $20 higher or lower than our estimate according to actual package weight and dimensions on shipping day. Your credit card will be charged or credited accordingly on shipping day. You will receive a receipt for the charge at that time.


We do not ship to Canada.


Yes, we ship to Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico but only via Overnight  Express.


Plants are from 7" to 20" tall and ship in large heavyweight corrugated shipping cartons-- these cartons cost us from $1.00 to $3.00 apiece, wholesale. Plants weigh 1 to 1½  pounds each; some are heavier. Each plant is carefully enclosed in its own individual custom designed No-Shift© packaging container designed to get it to you safely. These containers are heavy, very sturdy and add weight to your package. A carton of 12 plants will weigh about 14 to 16 lbs. 


Depending on the size of your plants and your distance from Los Angeles, the cost will vary. Shipping costs range from $24.00 to $84.00 for, let's say 12 plants, in a 15" x 12"x 12"carton.  Fewer plants, lesser charge. Longer distance and larger package, higher shipping cost. 


Our No-Shift© custom packaging costs are $1.75 per plant in addition to plant cost.




Calculating your cost for, say, an order of 10 plants with shipping and packaging.


This includes: The plant, packaging and shipping.


Average cost per 10 plants including the plant, packaging, handling and shipping to the east coast, about $145.00 total cost.


Average cost per 10 plants including the plant, packaging, handling and shipping to the mid states about $135.00 total cost


Average cost per 10 plants including the plant, packaging, handling and shipping: to the western states, about $115.00 total cost.


Some plants cost more and will increase your total.


We ship via Post Office Priority Mail or Express if you choose.  UPS cost a lot more and takes 4 days instead of 2 or 3 days.  and the shipping cost is about double -- same as Fed Ex.


We try our best to keep your shipping cost as low as possible.


We cannot know, at the time you order, how tall your plants will be when they ship.


If your plants are taller than 12" they require a taller box.


If so, the post office charges us more to ship.


15" to 20" plants cost more to ship and we will charge you for any additional actual shipping cost we have to pay the post office.


Shipping 7 plants to the east coast is the least economical order.


Reduced to 6 plants requires a smaller box and shipping is lower by about $10.00. Or increased to 10 or 12 or more, much better deal.  


For more information about shipping cost, please ask Laurel, 310 534 8611



And our legal department insists we include the following Terms of Service:



Rush Orders 


Need it right away? Our customers begin ordering in mid August for their spring plants and by March 20th our shipping slots are starting to fill for April, and May -- first come, first served.


Rush orders are available by telephone only. For the fees listed below, we will stop the line for you and arrange to have your order shipped during our current shipping week.


To get your order bumped up into an exact week, we schedule overtime hours for our packaging personnel.  The fee for this service is:


Expedited shipping:


$22.00 per order of 1 to 5 plants

$32.00 for 6 to 10 plants

$42.00 for 11 to 20 plants.

$50.00 for 20 to 30 plants.

More than 30 plants is $2.00 per plant.


SUPER EXPEDITED SHIPPING:  Exact day shipping fee for any number of plants is $50.00 plus $2.00 per plant.


Please do not ask us to ship earlier than your chosen shipping period unless you are willing to pay this expedite fee. We will not.


Delivery Schedule and Saturday Delivery Concerns


Delivery on an exact date cannot be and will not be guaranteed without rush order fees. See chapter above.


IMPORTANT: We must have a delivery address where someone can receive your plants from Monday through Saturday. If you cannot receive your plants on a Saturday please let us know. If you are not home when your package arrives we will not be responsible if the plants sit too long and do not survive. You may choose to be sure you plants do not arrive on a Saturday for a small service fee.


We schedule your shipping for the 15 day window of your choice. Please order early to reserve your shipping time. Plants will be shipped during that time frame to arrive 1 to 3 days later depending on distance. Shipping windows for April, May and June fill up quickly.


IMPORTANT Shipping to P.O. Boxes is available, please be sure your post office knows you are expecting a package so they notify you if it arrives early. It is solely the customer's responsibility to know your post office hours and delivery schedule. We will not be responsible for Post Office Box pick-up problems.


Did You Move?


IF YOU HAVE MOVED between ordering and shipping and have not spoken on the phone directly with Laurel we will not have your new address.  DO NOT EMAIL YOUR NEW ADDRESS as emails can get lost.   You must call and get a confirmation that your new address is on file.  If you do not call to confirm, and we ship to an old address we have on file, we cannot and will not be held responsible for the shipment.


Going On Vacation?


If you are going on vacation during your shipping period, please call us in time to let us know; we will try our best to delay shipping so your order will arrive when you are back home.


How To Know When Your Plants Are On the Way


We notify you automatically by email when they have left the nursery and are on their way to your door. Be sure we have your correct email address.



Need Your Package Left at Your Door?


If you would like your package left at your door, just let us know when you place the order.  We will note on your package: DEAR CARRIER, PLEASE LEAVE ON SIDE PORCH BY THE OAK TREE or a similar message of your choice.  No extra charge but be sure the deliver area is secure!


If Post Office, UPS or GSO tracking shows that the plants were delivered to your shipping address, we will not be responsible if you cannot find the package and will not issue a refund. Be sure your parcels are protected. It is solely your responsibility to have a safe and secure place for your plant delivery.


Picking Up Your Plants


We do have plants for sale here on most Sundays during March, April and May. Hours and days will be announced at the website. All are welcome for those events. Call for info: 310 534 8611


Plants must be pre-ordered by telephone and pre-paid and are available for pick-up by appointment only on Fridays & Saturdays and Sundays at our main nursery in Southern California south of Los Angeles, ¼ block from the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Western Avenue in Lomita.


Absolutely no drop-ins except Sundays for our announced sales. 


Your will-call order must be placed by phone and will be ready for pick-up when you arrive.  We do not have a store or 'shopping' type nursery, no walk-ins.


Please call to make your appointment, 310 534-8611. Phone hours are Monday - Thursday,  9 to 4 and Friday 9 to 1. Please ask for Laurel.


Packaging and Handling Costs 


Our custom-designed No-Shift© containers ensure the safe arrival of your plants.


Laurel designed our packaging system to be extremely careful, elaborate, strong and crush-proof to protect your plants.  


Each plant comes in its own 4" deep pot, carefully wrapped and padded for maximum safety and airflow, enclosed in its own very sturdy individual No-Shift© container to keep it from shifting or moving in any way during its journey from Los Angeles to your door. These custom designed containers are carefully arranged and protected in a heavyweight carton, surrounded by cushioning material, picked up and shipped immediately by priority mail or US Post Office or GSO to assure your plants arrive in perfect condition within 1 to 3 days.  


The US Post Office and UPS are mandated to move one package or more per second so ALL packages get tossed around. Unless a forklift plunges directly through the parcel, if the outside carton is tumbled or dropped many times during its journey via any carrier, your plants should be held still and steady at all in our custom designed No-Shift© packaging.


For outlying areas, you can expect a possible 4 day delivery time. Please notify your rural carrier that a perishable shipment is expected.


Packaging for our technique is costly, $1.75 per plant for each custom cut plant container. This is in addition to plant cost and shipping costs detailed above. 



Confirm Your Shipping Address!


EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:  You must confirm your shipping address!

Shortly after you place your order, make your payment and get your shipping period reserved, you will get a copy by email of your receipt with your address and all pertinent information along with a cover letter asking you to be sure your address is accurate. 


You may have moved since last season -- let us know!


It is solely your responsibility to carefully read the email we send. We will explain this when you place your order by telephone by saying we are emailing a copy of your order, to please be sure all information is accurate, if not please call right away to let us know.


If you have not carefully read the email cover letter attached to your emailed order and have not noticed an error in your address and informed us via high-importance email and by telephone, we cannot and will not be responsible for incorrect name or delivery address. If the plants are returned to us undeliverable because of an incorrect address, it is your responsibility to pay for the order again if you wish it reshipped.


If you have not received a copy of your order within 5 days of ordering, please us call right away. This means we may not have your correct email address. 310 534 8611.


We must have a delivery address where someone can receive your plants Monday through Saturday from the post office carrier. Your plants will not normally arrive with your daily mail, but in a separate delivery by mail truck.


If you have called and emailed to note an error in your shipping address and we make a mistake and mis-address your package, your entire order will be re-shipped asap at no cost to you whatsoever. If the address you supply is incorrect or you have moved or in any other way changed your shipping address or put a hold on your mail and not informed us by telephone and gotten a confirmation number within 5 days before your shipping window begins or during your 10 day shipping window, we will not be held responsible for mis-delivery or non-delivery and will not send replacements.


Under no circumstance whatsoever will we be liable for any cost outside of the actual plant cost, shipping and handling.


Privacy Policy


We never share any of your personal information with anyone, ever.


Substitute Varieties

Sometimes we must substitute a similar plant variety if your first choice is not available.

You must list some alternates for us to choose from. If you do not list alternate choices, Laurel will personally choose a very similar and delicious variety which will do well in your climate.

If you do not choose a few alternates we cannot take the order.

Wish List Orders


If you order after May 1st, your order is likely to be designated a Wish List which means your first choices may not be available and Laurel will choose similar varieties for you. No exceptions.


Pre-Payment Policy


All plants and shipping must be paid for when you place your order to have them reserved in your name and tended by our nursery specialists. 


Of course you may also choose not to pay in advance.  In that case we will not be able to reserve your plants or guarantee availability of the exact varieties you want or your desired shipping window. 


If you decide not to pre-pay and your choices are no longer available at shipping time, we will do our best to ship similar varieties. A shipping window, however, may not be available for 10 days to 3 weeks.



Order Cancellation


Our plant varieties are in great demand; many are quite rare and some are of very limited availability. Your plants are selected from only the finest stock, taken out of inventory in your name when you place your order. They are tended daily and expertly by a nursery specialist who is assigned responsibility for your plants on the day you order and looks after them personally in anticipation of your shipping week. 


Early cancellations will be acknowledged and accepted gracefully; we understand that circumstances can change unexpectedly. However, because of perishability, inventory accuracy, and the time we take to plant seed, select and care for your plants, cancellation of live plant orders must be placed within 7 days or less of the date they are ordered in order to receive a refund, less $1.80 charge per plant restocking fees and any pertinent bank fees.  


With 7 days notice as outlined above, all plant costs and shipping/packaging fees will be refunded except for a $1.80 processing/restocking fee per plant, and any bank fees we incurred in regard to processing your order. Cancellation must be by letter, email or telephone. You will receive a telephone call or E-mail from us acknowledging your cancellation.


For cancellations made more than 7 days from the day you place your order, restocking fee is $3.00 per plant plus all packaging costs and all bank processing fees. 


Order cancellations are not accepted during your 15 day shipping period. Due to perishability and inventory accuracy, orders cannot be cancelled during your 15 day shipping window or refused at point of delivery and will not be refunded for any reason during the shipping period you have chosen. 


Our Guarantee


We guarantee your plants will arrive in good condition.


IMPORTANT: Because of the many variables in climates, biological conditions, garden condition, individual soil conditions, conditions in your unpacking area when you receive the plants, your handling, weather and plant care methods; we cannot and will not for any reason be held responsible for their condition after they are in your care for 24 hours or more unless you notify us per information below:


Plant Arrives Damaged?


If a plant arrives damaged for any reason except natural disaster, act of war or a hold placed on your mail we must be notified both by email (tomatoplants@pacbell.net) and by telephone (310 534 8611) within  24 hours) of delivery time per post office records in order to send a free replacement or refund.


If you receive a damaged plant and decide to plant it anyway, you must let us know by email (tomatoplants@pacbell.net) within 24 hours of delivery that you have decided to do this, and send us photographs of the plants. We ask that you give the plant 7 days to begin to recover; we will be happy to advise you about the best way to help them thrive. 


Because we grow organically and do not use harsh insecticides, occasionally there may be a few insects on your plants. No organic nursery can guarantee bug-free plants. We rinse each plant before shipping and give it a spray of neem or other natural and organic spray to control bugs but nothing can control all insects on live plants; it's just Nature. Insects are easily controlled with neem oil or another good organic insecticide or just by a sharp spray of water.


Check your plants when they arrive and if necessary, spray for insects before planting out. Another easy and very effective way to control insects is to simply hold the plant --in its pot-- upside down, keep your hand over the soil, dunk the foliage in clear water and swish it around for 5 seconds or so to rinse off the foliage in running water. This natural method will eliminate the majority of critters. 


Lost or Missing Plants


If Post Office, UPS or GSO tracking shows that the plants were delivered to your shipping address, we will not be responsible if you cannot find the package, thus we will not issue a refund.


Be sure your parcels are protected! It is solely your responsibility to have a safe and secure place for your plant delivery. Parcels can be stolen or damaged by weather, pets or careless handling by residents or neighbors; please be aware of the safest place for them to be left and notify your carrier of that safe place.


If we have your address correctly printed on the shipping label and your plants are mis-directed by the carrier and get lost, we will send you free plants ASAP; you pay shipping. No exceptions. This way we share the pain.


Refunds for damaged plants


Please send photographs immediately of damaged plants.


Refunds or Credits are only issued for plants or products that have been returned to Laurel's Heirloom Tomato Plants.  Return the product only after receiving a return materials authorization number (RMA) by email or by phone or US mail letter to your shipping address from Laurel's Heirloom Tomato Plants.


We do not accept unauthorized returns of plants for any reason and will not issue refunds without your return materials authorization (RMA).

We require that you return the plant(s) in their original shipping container and at the regular ground-shipping rates of USPS, FEDEX, GSO or UPS. We understand they will not be in their original condition.


If necessary, due to original shipping box damage, place the original box inside another box to ship back.


When the plants are returned to us, and we determine our mistake caused the damage, you will receive a refund of your purchase price and the shipping you paid originally.


After the return of your order to us in the original shipping package, we will inspect the product and determine if it was damaged or defective before it was shipped to you, or if it was damaged by the carrier, and will gladly give you credit for return shipping cost on your next order with Laurel's Heirloom Tomato Plants. We do not pay for return shipping but are happy to offer a credit for your next order.


If you are not at the delivery address to receive your plants when they arrive or have put a hold or forward on your mail, we will not be held responsible if your plants are damaged or delayed.


If you choose to get replacement plants rather than a refund, we will send replacement plants if we have them. The shipping and packaging costs will be the responsibility of the customer. No exceptions. If plants are not available we will give you credit for plants not not shipping next season.


If for any reason we have a crop failure and cannot ship some of your plants during the current season, we offer full credit for your plants the following season plus a bonus of a free plant next season. If you would prefer a refund instead of a free plant, please allow 30 days from the date you notify us for your refund to be processed.


IMPORTANT: Because of the many variables in individual soil conditions, climates, biological conditions, weather and plant care methods; if your seedlings are healthy when they arrive or when you pick them up, we cannot and will not for any reason be held responsible for their condition after they are in your care and will not send free replacements unless the plant arrives damaged and you notify us within 24 hours of delivery,  (according to shipper tracking records), send photogrpahs and refund will be made accordingly when the plants are returned.


Please allow 30 business days for any refund to be processed.




During business hours we are always available for telephone or email consultations for customers who have placed orders or who are calling to place an order. After hours consults for urgent care are available, a fee may apply at our discretion.  310 534 8611 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 4 pm, Pacific Time.


All customers are entitled to a free 15 minute consultation when placing their orders. After that, a fee may apply for extended consultations.


For consultations without placing an order, the fee is $120.00 for any part of one hour. If you call or email in need of consultation but not to place order,  Laurel will be happy to consult for you. We will begin the consultation with your credit card number and bill for $120.00.


Growing Tips


Please refer to the detailed planting tips and information at this website or the booklet included with your order, and feel free to call or email if you have any questions about planting or cultivation. 


Our ultimate goal is that you are happy and successful with your plants and have a bountiful harvest.  We are more than happy to help you as much you need.  For extended consultations ask for Laurel. 310 534-8611


Copyright 2001 - 2020  No portion whatsoever of this website may be copied without express written permission of Laurel Garza.


**Note: It is the sole responsibility of the customer to be sure the agriculture regulations of your state allow you to receive live  plants from California.  If you have a concern, contact your state's Department of Agriculture; phone numbers are available online. At this time, September 2020, we are unaware of any restrictions on vegetable plants to any states.


Under no circumstance whatsoever will we be responsible for any cost outside of the actual plant cost, shipping and handling.